Black American kids are cheaper

Did you know it is, in average, $8,000 cheaper to adopt a black baby than a white one? And that boys are cheaper by $2,000?

Discount babies

THE market is not politically correct. It often assigns lower values to humans (their wages) based on their race or sex, even after controlling for education and experience. It’s just as cruel to children. A few years ago I was disturbed to learn that it’s cheaper to adopt black American children than white. I recently had lunch with NYU Stern School economist Allan Collard-Wexler, who has estimated adoption price sensitivity. He found just how much adoption fees are sensitive to the race and gender of a baby. It’s about $8,000 cheaper to adopt a black baby than a white or Hispanic child and girls tend to cost about $2,000 more than boys.

What can explain the preference for non-black girls? The preference for girls is interesting because people tend to favour male biological children. The authors speculate this may be because girls are considered “safer” in terms of dysfunctional behaviour. The data also includes same-sex couples, which tend to favour girls (both male and female partners), even more than heterosexual couples. (Source: The Economist)

Ah, sensitive issues. Still interesting though.

KL Monorail

Here’s KL Monorail. Took the monorail from Bukit Bintang area to Crowne Plaza. It is clean and pretty comfortable. If you bring a book to read or a laptop to update your blog or play games on during your journey, you won’t even notice time go by. Try KL Monorail next time! They’ve really done a good job at making public transportation easy and affordable.

(KL Monorail.)

Last time I go to KL I took Rapid KL I think. It’s a short train service that looks like a bus on tracks. Looks energy efficient to me.

Quick dinner at Changing Appetite

I was at Marina Square yesterday. Jerry organized a quick dinner. It’s been a while since we met. We’re all busy. There wasn’t a meeting time so I went at 6 and Jerry went at 7. Thanks a lot.

I met my personal hero Pikachu yesterday and I couldn’t resist taking a picture:

Pokemon at Marina Square

Either my camera hates the rest of the Pokémon or Jesus is right in the center.

We follows Charles to Changing Appetite. He likes the food there, especially the cheese. I order some chicken, cheese, pita thingy which name has been erased from my memory.

Chicken Cheese and Pita at Changing Appetite

It taste okay. I was recommended the pizza but I had pizza almost every alternate day and I figured I really should change (appetite). It was a good meal. I don’t really like the onions, they taste raw some how. It try to not leave leftovers on my plate but onions always are an exception. And ginger too.

We went there on Tuesday and they had some promotions there, cakes at half price. The deal is better than the food. Changing Appetite is located in Marina Square first floor, it’s not easy to find. Food are at affordable prices, female crews are friendly, male crew spoke in English I don’t understand.

Fruits are good meal replacements

Fruits are really cheap. I always thought they’re expensive and when I visit the local stores to get some juices, I can’t help noticing the price. I thought apples are two dollars actually. I think I have a totally incorrect view of the local fruits market.

Apples, oranges and more

Delicious and healthy. Maybe I can consider them replacing my lunch. I usually have pastas, sandwiches or some chicken thingy for lunch. They’re a little boring and Ridz and I decided to have McDonalds’ last week. We just thought, “hey let’s have something different instead.” I guess we got bored of the cafeteria.

How to whiten your teeth the natural way

According to, you can whiten your teeth without the use of all those Pearlie White Whitening Toothpaste, Colgate Whitening Toothpaste, Pearl Drops Extra Whitening Freshmint Toothpaste and whatever. (By the way, I personally tried all of them that I find, as in every single brand I am pretty sure I tried them, and none actually worked for me.)

Whiten Your Teeth the Natural Way

White teeth and strawberries may not sound like they go hand in hand, but it turns out the berries can actually lighten your smile.

The secret to this inexpensive home whitening method is malic acid, which acts as an astringent to remove surface discoloration. Combined with baking soda, strawberries become a natural tooth-cleanser, buffing away stains from coffee, red wine, and dark sodas. While it’s no replacement for a bleaching treatment at your dentist’s office, “this is a fast, cheap way to brighten your smile,” says Adina Carrel, DMD, a dentist in private practice at Manhattan Dental Arts in New York. “Be careful not to use this too often, though, as the acid could damage the enamel on your teeth.” Continue reading “How to whiten your teeth the natural way”