How to get back the slide panel in PowerPoint 2007

Just had a conversation with Kenny.

How to get back the slide panel in PowerPoint 2007

Kenny Png says:

Kah Wee says:
ah pong!
what happen?

Kenny Png says:
my powerpoint 2007 the slide bar on the left disappear and i don’t know where to get it out?

Kah Wee says:
let me see see
you can drag it out
put your mouse point at the left
then you can drag it back

Kenny Png says:
okok thanks a mil.

Kah Wee says:
no problem!

So should you accidentally click on the close button on the top right hand corner of the slides panel in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, you can get it back by drag it out again. Alternatively, you can go to View -> Normal and doubleclicked it. Or you can also doubleclick on the the normal view located at the bottom right hand corner of your PowerPoint application.

Oh, so this is Coke Zero

I was talking to a random person at Plaza Singapura. I don’t remember her name already maybe sherlynn or something. She was telling that it’s leap year that day. I heard ‘libya‘.

Leap Year VS Libya

She: Hey you know today is leap year.
Me: Libya?
She: Yeah, leap year.
Me: Is that what you call it – libya?
She: Ya, every four years is a leap year. You never heard of ‘leap year’?
Me: Erm… Isn’t Libya a…
She: Leap year is any year you can divide by four. It’s a special occasion for girls, if a girl proposes on leap year, the guy has to accept.
Me: Oh… Happy Libya to you then.
She: Happy Leap Year!


Libya is the country with a green flag, totally green!. Designers went lazy. Well, at least the kids had an easier time. I always can’t drag the Singapore flag nicely ’cause all the stars have to be position this and that way. And we have like five stars on our flag and I sucked in drawing stars. I drew circles instead and got scolded. Luckily I wasn’t born in U.S.A., I’ll have to draw 50 of them.

Okay, I drifted off totally. Anyway, that girl was asking me if I would be attending Coke Zero launch tomorrow, you know the day after Libya. And she had to explain to me what Coke Zero is. Finally I get to taste it:

Oh, so this is Coke Zero.

When I’m feeling down…

I tend to chat with people in order to avoid thinking about the sadder events. It works sometimes, not really working that often already though.

I engaged myself in many conversations to try to forget certain events. But each time there is no reply from the other party, my mind drifted off and the sad events revisited.

Every early in the morning, my day begins clean, no sad memories come to me. At the end of the day, sad memories revisit me. And every night I sleep with this loss, this sadness. I toss and turn a little and fell asleep. You know, usually when you say good bye to someone online, you tell them to “sleep well”, or “good night” or whatever. Sometimes, I tell a friend something like, “hope you won’t toss and turn tonight, hahaa…”

Maybe… I would prefer to be told that.

It is April Fools’ Day

I didn’t know it’s April Fools’ Day until…

Conversation at 1:45 AM

Wynn: not sleeping ar?
Wynn: tmr got class leh
KahWee: got what class leh
KahWee: got meh
Wynn: ya
Wynn: 9am
KahWee: oh… is it
KahWee: what class is that
Wynn: 108
KahWee: huh
KahWee: really ar
Wynn: april fool

108 is one of the modules I take at school. So fast and it’s April 1st already. Time really flies. April Fools’ a good day to check out the web. Companies like Google always have something prepared for you – typically making some bogus announcement. Some of the not-too-funny April Fools’ pranks include: Continue reading “It is April Fools’ Day”