No more money

I opened my wallet to discover the notes compartment of my wallet filled with receipts. Only receipts and nothing more. I have this little application on my iPod that keeps track of my spending and I stared at it recounting the numerous I spent money in the name of — ahem — convenience. As a punishment I ate some lower price pasta at Pastamania.

Zimbabwe thinks $100 trillion banknote would ease cash shortage?

Money doesn’t work this way. $100 trillion Zimbabwe dollars is around US $33.

Zimbabwe introduces $100 trillion banknote

Zimbabwe’s central bank will introduce a $100 trillion Zimbabwean banknote, worth about US $33 on the black market, to try to ease desperate cash shortages, state-run media said on Friday.

Hyper-inflation has forced the central bank to continue to release new banknotes which quickly become almost worthless.

There is an official exchange rate, but most Zimbabweans resort to the informal market for currency transactions.

In addition to the Z$100 trillion dollar note, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe plans to launch Z$10 trillion, Z$20 trillion and Z$50 trillion notes, the Herald newspaper reported. (Source: Telegraph)

You might as well cancel 9 zeroes and make it easier to write.