June 11, birthdays for many

June 11 is one of the days where the events of my calendar just overflows. Many people had their birth dates on this day. The good people include my own brother, Kah Seng, who doesn’t yet know the existence of this blog. He is 17 this year and doesn’t want a birthday cake because it is fatty and all.

“Really don’t want cake?”

“NO!” No no no emoticon

Alright. Also on the good list is Anne-marie whom I am set to bump into once every week. Anne-marie says the most interesting things when she’s frustrated.

Happy birthday to both of them.

Why some people contribute to open source

A month back, I talked to a friend I shall call Joel since his name is really Joel anyway. We had a short geek talk and he asked me if I have any knowledge on open-source projects.

“I only know how to use them, I don’t code for them,” I answered.

He continues, “but do you know of any open source project that is worth my time?”

“Well, it sort of depends on what you like…”

He interrupts, “It doesn’t matter, I want to join a project that is popular.”


And he elaborates to me, “If you want to join an open source project, should join one that is popular then can gain recognition.”

That was a sad moment for me. I shrugged and suggested “erm, maybe can try Firefox.”

On a side note, Uzyn is excited that CakePHP 1.2 Release Candidate 1 is out. I’ve been longing to consume the release candidate. Great work CakePHP team! I love your work.

Fruity birthday cake with kiwi mango and strawberry

Ahh, just some random picture of a cake I took.

Quick dinner at Changing Appetite

I was at Marina Square yesterday. Jerry organized a quick dinner. It’s been a while since we met. We’re all busy. There wasn’t a meeting time so I went at 6 and Jerry went at 7. Thanks a lot.

I met my personal hero Pikachu yesterday and I couldn’t resist taking a picture:

Pokemon at Marina Square

Either my camera hates the rest of the Pokémon or Jesus is right in the center.

We follows Charles to Changing Appetite. He likes the food there, especially the cheese. I order some chicken, cheese, pita thingy which name has been erased from my memory.

Chicken Cheese and Pita at Changing Appetite

It taste okay. I was recommended the pizza but I had pizza almost every alternate day and I figured I really should change (appetite). It was a good meal. I don’t really like the onions, they taste raw some how. It try to not leave leftovers on my plate but onions always are an exception. And ginger too.

We went there on Tuesday and they had some promotions there, cakes at half price. The deal is better than the food. Changing Appetite is located in Marina Square first floor, it’s not easy to find. Food are at affordable prices, female crews are friendly, male crew spoke in English I don’t understand.

Poker, Beer and Wii night at Uzyn’s

Yesterday, at around this time – 3 AM – I was at Uzyn’s place with Sek Ling, Uzyn, Daphane, Ridzuan, Hendri, U Fong, Arzhou, Chinmay and… Can’t recall the other two names.

It was a poker plus beer plus Wii night. Wii had fun. Telok Blangah Heights is quite hard to find. Ridz and I jaywalk almost everywhere. I figured you can’t really go anywhere without jaywalking and the authorities kindly cemented parts of the ground to let jaywalkers have an easier time anyway.

I had Bavaria. I know nothing about beer except it makes my face red.

bavaria beer

And Arzhou’s Arweiser is there too.


I watched them play poker. Roughly get the game but didn’t play it. I am not confident with playing cards. Spend most of my time watching the psychology part of the game which is just as interesting.

Wii are an interesting machine, takes a little while to get the hang of it. I hold the Wii controller like its a TV remote and wave it like Harry Potter. Also spent 20 minutes trying to figure out the Japanese words on the Wii when attempting to load a game. After 20 minutes, Hendri and I confirmed that we’re doing it totally wrong and we spend the past 20 minutes creating a new Wii profile.

Sweating fatty frog emoticon

On a side note, Wii Sports seems a bit more fun. There’s birthday cake too. It’s Uzyn and Ridz birthday on May 30. They’re (business) partners.

The whole event ended at around 4 plus. I got home at 5. My sleep cycle is so screwed now.

At Ridzuan’s birthday party yesterday

Was at Ridzuan’s place yesterday. It’s his birthday and I didn’t just realized ™ until I saw Facebook.

Ridz is into some web cam thing these days, he has quite a following when he points the camera to Uzyn while working. Here’s DK setting up the web cam to show everyone they can’t have the pizza we’re eating:

Maybe a blogger’s dream come true. Even parties are streamed live to the web. Yeah, we had Hawaiian pizza. By the way, most Singaporeans only heard 2 things about Hawaii, they’re a nice island and they have pizza.

It’s a potluck, I brought (or bought) chicken nuggets. The food is good, unfortunately we can’t finish them. Here’s the cake, badly mutilated with candles:

The cake is really good by the way. We talk about food, erm politics and image processing. Shared YouTube videos too. Happy birthday Ridzuan! This party, there’s around 12 people. Additionally, three laptops came anyway. By the way, it’s Uzyn’s birthday too. Happy birthday Uzyn!