It is what it is

“It is what it is” is perhaps the most mind boggling phrase I ever heard. And, mind you, it is because it makes complete sense — a true tautology. Why say it then?

Each time that phrase is uttered, it suggests the speaker has somewhat accepted what has occurred which should be a good thing until he or she starts to get everyone to accept like he or she did.

It is of course what it is; there’s no way it is what it is not. Unless there’s a bloody misunderstanding in which case it STILL is what it is because you just don’t know that your interpretation of the event is unreliable. Yet.

I propose search phrases to be left out. And I’m not trying to be a smart aleck. I hated the resignation of this statement. We are always taught to assess the present situation and make a move. If things don’t go right we assess on its remedy. We can still try to correct things for what it is now to make for a better outcome.

Apple to spend $100 million on insourcing

Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the company will invest $100 million to bring production of its Mac computers back to the US, by way of partnerships with local suppliers, he revealed in an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek.

This is reminiscent to The Atlantic’s article on an insourcing boom.

Recall back then Steve Jobs answered Obama’s question on how to make jobs go back to US? Jobs answered, “job’s aren’t coming back to U.S.” (Source).

It is likely that Apple starts to realize the hidden costs to sending production overseas. Apple probably met with challenges in feedback loop too, issues on the production line take longer to get back to the designers. It is probably a good move overall.

Yahoo’s earnings rise in Mayer’s debut

The New York Times reported Yahoo doing quite well in this quarter:

For the quarter in which Marissa Mayer came aboard as chief executive, Yahoo reported stronger earnings than a year earlier, but slightly lower revenue.

Yahoo reported Monday that net income in the third quarter, which ended Sept. 30, rose sharply to $3.16 billion, or $2.64 a share, from $298.3 million, or 23 cents a share, in the same quarter a year ago. That included a net gain of $2.8 billion related to the sale of Alibaba shares and restructuring charges of $16 million, net of tax.

Income from operations decreased 14 percent, to $152 million from $177 million in the year earlier period.

The company said revenue fell to $1.2 billion from $1.22 billion in the year earlier quarter.

Mayer continued that Yahoo is well positions in areas such as “checking weather, sports scores, financial information, watching videos sharing photos, getting news and playing games.” The only problem is how to extract money out of these services. It’s not going to be easy and if anything Yahoo is in the bad position to continue providing these services for free.

Doing cold calling right has a good article on how to do cold calling:

Cold calling typically refers to the first telephone call made to a prospective customer. More unusually these days, cold calling can also refer to calling face-to-face for the first time without an appointment at commercial premises or households. Cold calling is also known as canvassing, telephone canvassing, prospecting, telephone prospecting, and more traditionally in the case of consumer door-to-door selling as ‘door-knocking’.

More often, I’m annoyed with cold calling.

Cloud computing? What the hell is that?

Larry Ellison expresses his opinions on cloud computing. He probably hates the way the word is flaunt around as a medicine that would cure all your computing troubles.

Why Larry Ellison hates Cloud computing

There isn’t a consensus what cloud is and is not. We just go on assuming that it is something like this, something like that. Cloud computing — it’s there because SaaS and Web 2.0 sounds old.

Why you can’t install Microsoft SQL Server 2005

If you see “SQL Server Database Services” grayed out, do not proceed with the installation. There’s some good reasons why it is grayed out. I am running Windows Vista Business Edition and am trying to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition.

Can’t install Enterprise Edition in non-server version of Windows

The first problem is due to the fact that you cannot install Enterprise Edition into a non-server Windows operating system as stated here. That means to say that Enterprise Edition can only be installed in Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. If you are using any other operating system, it is likely you are looking for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition or Standard Edition.

Required components of IIS 7 not fully installed

The second problem that I face is SQL Server 2005 complaining that I do not have IIS installed when I already done that. This is because you require the following components installed (their folders and in brackets):

  • Static Content (Common HTTP Features)
  • Default Document (Common HTTP Features)
  • HTTP Redirection (Common HTTP Features)
  • Directory Browsing (Common HTTP Features)
  • ASP.Net (Application Development)
  • ISAPI Extension (Application Development)
  • ISAPI Filters (Application Development)
  • Windows Authentication (Security)
  • IIS Metabase (Management Tools)
  • IIS 6 WMI (Management Tools)

I highlighted the requirements in red for your convenience:

Required IIS components for Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Required IIS components for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Further information of required components can be found here.

Now after you install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Whatever Edition, make sure you run Windows Update or download any Service Pack that they offer. This would ensure compatibility to your operating system. I hope that helps. This problem annoyed me whole day.

EBay and Skype are splitting

EBay plans to spin off its Skype unit, citing the VoIP company does not fit with the rest of the company. The split is a good move in my opinion. Yahoo News has more:

EBay to say goodbye to Skype

EBay plans to spin off its Skype unit, acknowledging that the Web telephone service does not fit with the rest of the company, in an indictment of former CEO Meg Whitman’s acquisition strategy.

EBay, whose shares rose 3 percent in after-hours trade, said on Tuesday it was planning an initial public offering for Skype by the first half of 2010, a move widely seen as putting a ‘for sale’ sign on the unit to fetch potential buyers.

Two people familiar with eBay’s thinking said the online auction company could seek substantially more than $2 billion for Skype. But some analysts doubted that it could fetch so much in current markets.

The San Jose-based eBay bought Skype in 2005 for $2.6 billion, in what was its biggest ever acquisition. John Donahoe, who became eBay chief executive a year ago, has vowed to evaluate whether the telephone service was a good fit with the rest of the company, which includes Web payments service PayPal along with its core auctions business.

“We believe operating Skype as a stand-alone publicly traded company is the best path for maximizing its potential,” Donahoe said in a statement on Tuesday. (Source: Yahoo)

What KahWee tweeted on 2009-03-21

  • At Infocomm Live right now #idalive #
  • Mr. Matthias Kunze giving a talk on winning ways of an entrepreneur. #idalive #
  • Family and friends are your biggest enemies when starting businesses? #idalive #
  • Why be an entrepreneur? For Kunze, it’s about the lifestyle. #idalive #
  • Lots of people are thinking of selling your business. It’s a good motivation if you have that thought in mind. #idalive #
  • Ask yourself if you are hands on enough to start your own business? #idalive #
  • Be honest and ask yourself if you have sufficient experience before starting a business. #idalive #
  • Kunze claims that self-confidence and experience plays a tremendous part in starting a business. #idalive #
  • Be prepared to handle situations of failure. Can you handle failure? #idalive #
  • And why should you go into business in this case? Kunze leads us to third portion of his presentation – Passion is Key. #idalive #
  • Lack of passion leads to failure. #idalive #
  • Part 4. The British Airways Lounge. #idalive #
  • During the downturn, lots of things are cheaper. #idalive That’s the right time. #
  • If you have a good idea, you should do it now. #idalive #
  • Follow @floatingroom for updates on screen on the right at #idalive #
  • What is ur exit strategy? Answer: I am happy to sell when the time is right. #idalive #
  • Part 8. Build the right team. #idalive #
  • Kunze once teamed up with a guy much younger, much different. Internet exploded and security wasn’t. But he had different values. #idalive #
  • Kunze doesn’t see eye to eye with him. The mindset difference may cause businesses to fail. Didn’t work out in the end. #idalive #
  • Some tough decision includes firing a person. It’s painful but you have to make these decisions. #idalive #
  • Last slide, One wing birds can’t fly. #idalive #
  • Singaporeans have high work ethics. However too high work ethics may lead to burn out. It affects lifestyle. #idalive #
  • @uzyn: Yes you can. You know you can. 😉 #idalive #
  • Clap clap clap. Time for questions and answers. #idalive #
  • Mohan from e27 is the moderator. #idalive #
  • Unforeseen situations can happen. Unready products. Client disputes. #idalive #
  • Have you wanted to quit any of your startups? #idalive #
  • Currently in The Chamber at The Arts House. It’s a beautiful room #idalive This is where the old paliarment is at. I think. #
  • Kunze thinks Yahoo is still interesting as a company but highlights the enjoyment he gets working for Yahoo. #idalive #
  • Once again, you can following @floatingroom to see what’s on the right screen. #idalive #
  • I wonder if there is a bug with @floatingroom ‘s tweets. Opps. #idalive #
  • Would you recommend corporate experience before doing a startup? #idalive #
  • Kunze feels a good college education helps. #idalive Although he points out several success. Exceptions are there of course. #
  • Audience can ask questions now. #idalive #
  • Mohan looks lost on stage. #idalive #
  • Kunze moves nearer and nearer to the people who questions. #idalive Mohan, the moderator, couldn’t moderate, haha #
  • Want to know a VC? Helps that you know people who know people to introduce you. #idalive #
  • Connections is key too. #idalive #
  • Do you think being physically fit contributes to being mentally fit? Kunze agrees while I feel this sense of guilt. #idalive #
  • Okay no more Michael Phleps. #idalive #

What KahWee tweeted on 2009-03-13

  • Currently at Media Business Forum #mbf09 #
  • Saw Zhu Hou Ren 朱厚任 in Media Business Forum, we are the only ones using laptop it seems. #mbf09 #
  • The new iPod Shuffle is nice, but, shame on Apple restricting the users’ earphone choices. #
  • I always found stretched presentations awful to look at. #mbf09 #
  • Over the next 5 years, SGD230m would be injected into the media sector, expected to spur creation of 2,000 jobs. #mbf09 #
  • Media Training and Attachment (META) matches 150 local media professionals to companies starting Apr’09. #mbf09 #
  • Six more presentations and I’m hungry now! #mbf09 #
  • Michael Yap talking about regulations in the Singapore media sector. #mbf09 #
  • @molemole: You so fast sleepy liao? #
  • Can the media industry be more competitive in Singapore without hurting local companies? #mbf09 #
  • Digitalization enables more spectrum in Singapore. No, I don’t know what I’m talking about. #mbf09 #
  • We love the MDA Rap music video don’t we? #mbf09 The superman in the video is talking right now. #
  • Powerpoint yellow, powerpoint gold, powerpoint cyan and your favorite Arial font, MDA presentation could’ve looked better. #mbf09 #
  • Achievement in broadcast, 2180 local hours, 900 jobs! #mbf09 #
  • The Little Nyonya (by MediaCorp Studios) is the highest rated show in 15 years, viewed by 1 in 3 in Singapore. #mbf09 #
  • MDA targets 2380 local hours and 1280 jobs for broadcast in 2009. #mbf09 #
  • Public Service Programmes are values we believe in? And it can be international? Seems contradictory. #mbf09 #
  • MDA thinking of partnering with Joost? #mbf09 #
  • Yet another government agency using the word “hub”. We want to be another hub again… #mbf09 #
  • @claudia10 I got 3 hours more! #
  • I just asked @uzyn if Kenneth Tan (COO, MDA) is in the video too. LOL #mbf09 #
  • Kenneth Tan’s presentation has a text line height problem. Plus it is stretched. #mbf09 #
  • @claudia10, mine is a 6 cell instead of a usual 3-cell. Anyway, the battery bar always lies. When it says 3hr, it’s actually 2. #
  • Kenneth breaks down the ecosystem of film: Optioning, development, production, distribution, exhibition. #mbf09 #
  • Kenneth adds that Singapore is lacking in optioning and development process. #mbf09 #
  • Stereoscopy is the 3D glasses thingy. #mbf09 #
  • People need to learn PowerPoint from @claudia10. #mbf09 #
  • Government service love acronyms. #mbf09 INSPIRE: Internationalization of Singaporean Production Initiative, Representation & Enterprise. #
  • INSPIRE acronym got problem loh. #mbf09 Is Singapore and not Singapore. @uzyn spotted it. #
  • I mean it is Singapore, not Singaporean. #mbf09 #
  • INSPIRE does some sort of a matchmaking service for the media. Helps in distribution. #mbf09 #
  • The current vein diagram is problematic. PowerPoint has Smart Art now by the way. #mbf09 #
  • @uzyn wants you to know that it’s “venn” and not “vein”. Okay I lost one. #mbf09 #
  • SPINE is Spearheading Publishing Innovation for New Enterprise. Yay for more acronyms. This is just like army. #mbf09 #
  • Call for proposals – stereoscopic 3D ecosystem developer. Due March 26! #mbf09 #
  • Mr. IDM talks again; Michael Yap shares on Interactive Media & Games. #
  • @melvinkee Well, that’s why I tweet – to keep awake. #
  • No, this is NOT a live image. #mbf09 #
  • Garena is ranked 1164th website, ahead of which is ranked 1209th. #
  • MDA expects 500 to 900 new jobs #mbf09 #
  • Anyhow use images from Google Images. #mbf09 #
  • Catalytic Project should ignite the growth of the game sector. #mbf09 #
  • @claudia10 Why would we get arrested? #mbf09 MDA also regulate social media now? #
  • @cheeaun: I seen before if (hello == true) { /* some code */ } elseif (hello == false) { /* some code */ } #
  • More call for proposals at #mbf09. Call for FutureMobile applications by SingTel, Apple, Friendster and Mozat. #
  • What the hell are the 5Cs? #mbf09 Why people keep talking about it? #
  • Money Manpower & Mediapolis by Mr. Seto #mbf09 #
  • I think government supported companies slow down startup ideas because startups just wait for funds. #mbf09 #
  • Mr. Seto speaks like a preacher I know. #mbf09 #
  • Mediapolis actually sounds exciting but I hope it won’t be like Biopolis. #mbf09 #
  • This is like the Biopolis slides. #mbf09 #
  • Imaginary headlines? Oh this is something new. #mbf09 #
  • MDA hopes to generate pathfinder projects with key partners in regions such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and Bristol. #
  • MDA has co-production treaties in AU, CA, Korea and NZ. Currently negotiating with CN and IT. #
  • Oh no I’m hungry. #mbf09 #
  • End of presentations at #mbf09. #
  • @melvinkee I have no idea about it. The talk wasn’t clear on these partnerships. #mbf09 in reply to melvinkee #
  • @trudinger Since startups can get gov funds, they may be less inclined to start things by their own and just wait for gov. Waiting hurts. in reply to trudinger #
  • @echoz you at the IT Show? I hate the squeezing and decided against going! Haha #
  • @echoz A gigabit switch? Why would u need that? in reply to echoz #
  • @trudinger There’s always garage style development, haha in reply to trudinger #