Integrated resorts to stop shuttle service

Singapore’s only two casino decided that offering shuttle buses is a good idea. The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports of Singapore (MCYS) wasn’t too pleased and mandate all shuttle bus services to the integrated resorts cease operation:

MCYS to take action with Casino Regulatory Authority on shuttle services

SINGAPORE : The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports has said it would take action with the Casino Regulatory Authority to stop the shuttle services provided by Integrated Resort operators.

On Wednesday, the ministry said it was investigating the free shuttle services provided by the IRs to ensure they were not encouraging Singaporeans to visit the casinos.

As of Thursday afternoon, demand for the shuttle service was still strong.

Some passengers even had to wait for the next bus.

Passengers at the Bishan and Bedok pick-up points told Channel NewsAsia the shuttle service made it convenient for them to get to Sentosa.

Of the 10 people our news team approached, two were headed for the casino.

The Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports had said the integrated resorts operators “will not be allowed to target the local market or provide incentives in any form for Singaporeans to patronise the casinos”. (Source: ChannelNewsAsia)

The MCYS reemphasizes that the casino operators cannot target the local market or provide incentives in any form to Singaporeans. Is this a case of too much intervention from our government? Also not all who are going to the integrated resorts may be there to gamble.

Netbooks, silent Samsung phone and buses

Am I the only person using the netbook as if it is a mobile phone? My friend finds it funny that I couldn’t operate my rather user-friendly phone yet bothered to find out what’s going on in my computer operating system. Although the netbook is huge compared to the mobile phone, I found myself using it more and more these days in public transport.

I do my assignments, type blog posts and organize my folders all in the bus. With a computer, it’s so much more to do.

Perhaps it’s time to consider an iPhone or something. My 1.5-year old phone did a silent protest today by being silent the entire day. Perhaps it’s time for shopping soon.


Map of Bukit Batok bus interchange buses

The designer sure took a lot of effort to make this map but the map is not really useful.

Designer took inspiration from london underground

The thing about buses is that their stops are quite close to each other and to map out the whole bus track without a physical map as the background just looks too confusing. This map requires an engineering degree.

To me, it’s like an art exhibition in the bus interchange, a welcome change to Mas Selamat posters.

We really should avoid bus maps looking like London Underground’s.

Weird buses exist in Singapore

I was going to my work place the other day and I took a bus that looks like this:

SBS bus with nice white chairs

Looks really strange to me. The design is not really practical. I think it probably is some special tie-up with Nokia or something. Was just thinking the bus could have carried a lot more people.

But still, it looks refreshing. I sat on one of those white chairs. There is even a fake bar top. What’s up with buses these days?!