Snow Leopard accidentally your data

Opps. If you’re on Snow Leopard, never log into your guest account. Logging into the guest account then back to your account can cause your account’s home directory to be deleted as though it is brand new. It is speculated that Apple’s Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard deletes the user’s home directory instead of the guest’s directory.

Snow Leopard bug can delete account data

A bug has been reported in Apple’s new Snow Leopard version of OS X that can result in the loss of an entire user account’s data. The glitch seems to be triggered by using a Guest account and then trying to log back into a regular account.

According to multiple topics on the Apple Support discussion boards, the problem can occur when a user logs into their Mac’s Guest account — whether by accident or on purpose — and then tries to log back into their regular account.

In some cases, users have reported finding their regular account empty of data, as though it were a brand new account.

Speculation is that something makes Snow Leopard treat the regular account like a Guest account, from which by default all data is deleted upon logout. Further speculation is that the problem occurs when the Guest account was already enabled in Leopard before being upgraded to Snow Leopard. (Source: IT Wire)

This is really bad if it’s true. Apple has yet to confirm this.

iPod Touch’s stupid Smart Playlist

It annoys me that my Recently Added and Top 25 Played are all not in order when they’re in my iPod Touch. The Smart Playlist in iTunes looks correct but it never syncs correctly to iPod Touch. In my iPod Touch, it just shows in some random order.

How to fix iPod Touch Smart Playlist appearing randomly

I chanced upon the fix to this by unchecked “Live Updating” in Smart Playlist. Just click on the smart playlist and choose “Edit Smart Playlist”, then uncheck “Live Updating”. It does syncs in order now although it is still not ideal.

Smart playlist in iTunes
Smart playlist in iTunes

This has been broken since the OS 3.1 update. Currently at iPod Touch OS 3.1.2, it still does not work. 🙁

This is just a temporary fix, at least my playlist look more sensible.

Ubuntu’s bug #1: Microsoft has a majority market share

Ubuntu’s bug number 1 is reported by Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical Ltd. and as of 2009, provides leadership for the Ubuntu operating system.

Bug #1 in Ubuntu: “Microsoft has a majority market share”

Microsoft has a majority market share in the new desktop PC marketplace.

This is a bug, which Ubuntu is designed to fix.

Non-free software is holding back innovation in the IT industry, restricting access to IT to a small part of the world’s population and limiting the ability of software developers to reach their full potential, globally. This bug is widely evident in the PC industry.

Steps to repeat:

  1. Visit a local PC store.

What happens:

  1. Observe that a majority of PCs for sale have non-free software pre-installed.
  2. Observe very few PCs with Ubuntu and free software pre-installed.

What should happen:

  1. A majority of the PCs for sale should include only free software like Ubuntu.
  2. Ubuntu should be marketed in a way such that its amazing features and benefits would be apparent and known by all.
  3. The system shall become more and more user friendly as time passes.

(Source: Launchpad)

WordPress 2.6.5 is released

Huh no 2.7?

WordPress 2.6.5 is immediately available and fixes one security problem and three bugs. WordPress team recommends everyone upgrade to this release.

The security issue is an XSS exploit discovered by Jeremias Reith that fortunately only affects IP-based virtual servers running on Apache 2.x. If you are interested only in the security fix, copy wp-includes/feed.php and wp-includes/version.php from the 2.6.5 release package.

2.6.5 contains three other small fixes in addition to the XSS fix. The first prevents accidentally saving post meta information to a revision. The second prevents XML-RPC from fetching incorrect post types. The third adds some user ID sanitization during bulk delete requests. For a list of changed files, consult the full changeset between 2.6.3 and 2.6.5.

Note that we are skipping version 2.6.4 and jumping from 2.6.3 to 2.6.5 to avoid confusion with a fake 2.6.4 release that made the rounds. There is not and never will be a version 2.6.4. (Source: WordPress)

Looks like an upgrade not to be ignored.

WordPress uploads files in the wrong folders?

I prefer to place my uploads into /media/ instead of the default /wp-content/uploads/

So I changed it, but the link is always incorrect for some strange reason:

WordPress uploads files to wrong folders
WordPress uploads files to wrong folders

WordPress uploads file to /media/ but continues to link my images to /wp-content/uploads/. To resolve this issue, specify the folder path manually like I did. Somehow the problem is gone. I wonder if it’s a bug or what.

Before the WordPress 2.6 upgrade, WordPress 2.5 was handling this just fine. Meanwhile, you can learn more about a WordPress 2.6 easter egg.

E27 Unconference on Saturday

Yes I know I know:

E27 Unconference on Saturday

(E27 Unconference is now at 11:30AM, Saturday Jul 12th.)

Saw this at my Facebook newsfeed. They stressed it 5 times. Thanks.

Anyway, for those who didn’t know yet might just be interested – E27 Unconference is now at 11:30AM, Saturday Jul 12th.

Meet entrepreneurs, developers, users and fellow IDM enthusiasts. Keep up with what’s happening in Singapore’s Web 2.0 arena.

You could find out more here. IDM stands for Interactive Digital Media if I’m not wrong.

My computer can’t tell day from night

This irks me a little, my computer sometimes show p.m. instead of a.m. and a.m. instead of p.m. It’s just strange. The time and everything is correct. I use the 12-hour clock instead of the 24-hour. (You are an army freak if you use the 24-hour clock.)

So two in the afternoons would be 2 p.m. instead of 14:00. Anyway, my computer would switch to 2 a.m. when it’s 2 p.m. sometimes. It might be something to do with Ubuntu settings. It didn’t seem to occur until I use Ubuntu and revert to Windows Vista. Something just messed up my clock somehow.

Anyway, did you know that a.m. and p.m. stands for ante meridiem (a.m., Latin “before noon”) and post meridiem (p.m., “after noon”) respectively? I remember asking my primary school teacher before and he couldn’t answer. We didn’t have Wikipedia that time, hahaa…

This will make programmers freak out

This is the type of thing that can scare you in Eclipse:

This is the type of thing that can scare you in Eclipse

It’s some sort of Eclipse rendering bug. Your code is totally jumbled up and all the indentations and braces are all prancing around when you scroll up and down.

When such things happen, be daring – save your work. Close your file, make a silent prayer and open it up again. If your work get corrupted, you know you haven’t been sincere in your prayers.