Google Chrome’s new tab

This is the new Google Chrome New Tab window in Canary (latest build):

New Google Chrome New tab

I see where Google is going with this. This is really advantageous for Google. Effectively they are changing people’s perception of what a browser and Google is and moving Google ever so closer to the user. Google is now the browser. And Google Plus appears to be part of the browser now.

I don’t think the FCC is going to be too pleased, but well, that’s another story.

Promising changes in IE9

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 actually looks promising.

Welcome To A More Beautiful Web – Welcome To A More Beautiful Web – Internet Explorer 9

While the internet has kept up with every changing needs, however the way we experience hasn’t, until now! Welcome to a more beautiful web with Internet Explorer 9. Internet Explorer delivers a more beautiful Web by using the full capabilities of Windows and PC hardware so your Web sites and applications are as immersive as the native applications running on your PC.

Opera 10.50 is released

It’s Opera, the lesser known browser. But this time, Opera’s new UI impresses:

A couple of caveats though. Firstly is the tabs on the top of the browser. When it is maximize, the tab is not touching the edge of the screen. For users who tend to move their pointing device too much, the cursor overruns the click area of the tab. I keep having to move my mouse pointer lower from the edge. This is undesirable. Also the new recycle bin feature is cool although I wish it remembers the state of my web page, such as the inputs that I have filled in halfway.

All in all, it’s a cool upgrade. I like the new feel. The transparency in Windows 7 pleases me. I noticed the View zooming feature at the lower right hand corner, it’s a nice touch. The browser is breeze and responsive as usual. Yet another great Opera release.

For web developers, Opera 10.50 also supports web storage and web SQL database. Read the full change log here.

To download, click here.

How to make Firefox address bar faster

Firefox’s address bar, also known as the Awesome Bar, stores all sorts of awesome information in a SQLite database. The SQLite database slowly starts getting fragments and the Awesome Bar just isn’t as awesome if it gets all laggy. To solve this, you can vacuum the SQLite database that Awesome Bar used.

Go to Tools, then Error Console. And copy the following:

[code lang=”php”]Components.classes[ “;1” ].getService( Components.interfaces.nsPIPlacesDatabase ).DBConnection.executeSimpleSQL( “VACUUM” );[/code]

And paste and click on Evaluate:

Vaccuming Firefox in Error Console
Vaccuming Firefox in Error Console

The browser probably freezes for a few seconds and the address bar feels faster.

[via MozillaLinks]

Opera 10 released

Opera 10 has been released, with some turbo charge technology. Opera Turbo, a new compression technology that solves the pain of slow connections.

The craftsmanship under the hood

Browsing speed is a combination of many factors. We fine-tuned our overall speed, making Opera faster and smoother on resource-intensive pages such as Gmail. Opera 10 is 40% faster in page loading than Opera 9.6 … and that is before you activate Opera Turbo. Opera is designed not only to be light and fast, but also smart. Our adaptive memory management is optimized to work with your machine, conserving memory if your computer has less RAM and utilizing more memory to enhance performance if your computer has memory to spare.

Meet Odd & Even who have been working dag og natt to help Opera fine-tune Opera Turbo before the release of Opera 10.

Odd & Even Compressing Web Pages

Get opera at

6,081 visits last month, thanks!

Search engines sent 67.95% of the visitors. Asides search engines, most of the visitors come from Twitter,, Facebook and Stackoverflow.

Firefox is a favorite browser with 60%. Chrome visits constitutes 5% which I am responsible for at least half of Chrome visits I presume.

The top searches are XAMPP, jQuery, Django and PostgreSQL related. I code using CakePHP but no one reads my CakePHP stuff. My top tags are NetBeans, XAMPP and Sex, the combination upsets me.

Top countries visiting are US, UK, Singapore, India and Canada. I had a visitor from Zimbabwe, I didn’t know they can afford computers. Zimbabwe, a victim of hyper inflation, announced last February the removal of 12 zeroes from the currency, i.e. 1,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe dollars being exchanged for 1 new dollar.

Alright, before I go offtrack, kthxbai.

Google releases Google Chrome Beta

Last December they took the beta tag off Chrome. It’s a rather stable browser already. Today they released a beta for Google Chrome. This is moving pretty fast. In the new beta is some new features:

  • JavaScript speedier
  • form autofill
  • full page zoom
  • autoscroll
  • side by side view

Take a look at window management feature. This is really redundant in Windows 7 which is still in beta.

Window Management

JavaScript is promised to be faster too. (Source: Google blog)

And of course get the beta here.

Lack of a 64-bit Flash Player

I encounter a problem while trying to install the Flash plugin – there is no plugin for 64-bit browsers. This kinda surprise me actually. Flash would be one application that I would last expect to not work in 64 bit. But yeah, it doesn’t:

Player support on 64-bit operating systems


Adobe Flash Player is not supported for playback in a 64-bit browser. However, you can run Flash Player in a 32-bit browser running on a 64-bit operating system.


Adobe is working on Flash Player support for 64-bit platforms as part of our ongoing commitment to the cross-platform compatibility of Flash Player. We expect to provide native support for 64-bit platforms in an upcoming release of Flash Player following Flash Player 10.


To use Flash Player to view Flash content on a 64-bit operating system, you must run a 32-bit browser. (Source: Adobe)

To install Flash, you can always revert to a 32 bit browser. I just somehow like the number 64 that’s all.