Cleaning up my blog

The blog’s really been quite a mess. I haven’t changed the layout for five years and I’m surprised it still is working each time I upgrade.

All is great until I found that WordPress’s basic install has so much that I can take advantage of that I am not. It became weighing between having access to these features or coding my theme to as such it allows for these features. I decided it really is writing I want to do here and the theme can take a secondary position for the time being. I would love to be working on it when time permits.

It’s really back to basics this time. Enjoy reading.

My odd observation

Well, somewhat coincidentally, all my top visited posts are posts that asks a question in the titles. This could mean either people get attracted to questions basically or this blog is attracting people who wants to learn something. I like to think it is the latter although I wouldn’t say the two are mutually exclusive.

I started this blog to write about what I learn with the hopes that it would benefit some other people as well. It didn’t quite work out as I get lazier to blog and the work start piling up on my table, which, by the way I can no longer see the surface of.

I shall end this post here and get back to clearing my backlogs. I’m a little more inspired than usual. Will keep you updated on stuff. Cheers!

Moved to Linode

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time. There has been much transitions in this couple of years and it distracted me greatly. Blogging is something I miss doing but the missing occurs when I’m in public transport where it’s least convenient.

Previously this blog is hosted at Rackspace Cloud. They’ve provided decent services but Linode has more competitive pricing. Nearly all my websites are moved to Linode. Once every thing’s migrated over, I will shut down the instance in Rackspace Cloud.

Oh yes I switched to nginx too.

Netbooks, silent Samsung phone and buses

Am I the only person using the netbook as if it is a mobile phone? My friend finds it funny that I couldn’t operate my rather user-friendly phone yet bothered to find out what’s going on in my computer operating system. Although the netbook is huge compared to the mobile phone, I found myself using it more and more these days in public transport.

I do my assignments, type blog posts and organize my folders all in the bus. With a computer, it’s so much more to do.

Perhaps it’s time to consider an iPhone or something. My 1.5-year old phone did a silent protest today by being silent the entire day. Perhaps it’s time for shopping soon.


This blog finally made money

Thirty cents. Better than nothing. I’m literally using the money earned by another blog to pay for the existence of this blog. It’s sad that I spend more effort in this blog but I don’t get the visitors.

Some notes on ad revenue

Thoughtful posts don’t gain you visitors.

To get visitors, you need, I repeat, you need to blog silly things.

No one wants to know your opinion unless you’re a celebrity and have some say in things.

If part of your reason of blogging is to earn some pennies, never start a personal blog.

Start a link blog or something. Put up music for people to download (and violate from ahem ahem stuff), put lots of pictures that are either funny or cute. (Cute pictures like dogs, cats and rabbits are a winner.)

Don’t bother posting those male-female analysis, boy-girl relationship that could have been passed off as dissertation from some academic institution.

Blog with what’s trendy. Bill Gates retire? Blog about it, link it to another blog. iPhone released? Post pictures, and write a bunch of useless iPhone specifications.


Just don’t model your income generator after this blog.

At the end of 4 months, you will just earn thirty cents. That’s just my two cents. Okay, now I’m left with 28 cents, great.