My kindergarten keeps feeding me with this

I wanted to buy a packet of these the other day just for old time’s sake but figured I only want to eat just a couple of it and probably throw the rest away.

My kindergarten always feeds me with this

What’s this biscuit called by the way?

I ate tons of it when I was in kindergarten and I remember there’s this girl who only eats the colored sugary top and protested to finish the biscuit.

Soh ta piah for lunch

Well, it’s raining pretty heavy at my area and not a chance of going out. I guess I’m staying home today and eating wheat cracker biscuits for brunch.

Wheat crackers biscuit for lunch

Wheat crackers is actually soh ta piah. They go well with milk. I was talking about soh ta piah with a friend months back and I pointed out my cup is too small to fit the biscuit. And she told me her strategy of dipping soh ta piah.

Strategy to dipping soh ta piah

Place your wheat cracker diagonally and dip one of the corners into the milk or coffee. Chew off that corner, now rotate your soh ta piah 90 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise and you can dip it in already.

Oh god, I feel so stupid when I heard that. I always break my soh ta piah into two.

So tempted to put this under How To, hahaa… Okay it’s done.