BBC readies BitTorrent distribution

And not to forget – Creative Commons. It’s great that BBC would embrace such technologies. Let’s see how it would go.

Like many broadcasters today, the BBC is open to experimenting with online video distribution, allowing viewers to watch shows online. However, due to complex copyright issues people are not generally allowed to share or remix the videos – until now. For their new R&DTV production, the BBC is using a Creative Commons license, giving the viewer the freedom to redistribute and re-use the show.

The BBC is not offering BitTorrent downloads or streams for R&DTV just yet, but they do hope to use P2P-Next (and therefore BitTorrent) for future episodes. This could be done by embedding BitTorrent powered streams in their site or alternatively they could offer regular .torrent downloads. (Source: TorrentFreak)

BitTorrent BBC ASCII art
BitTorrent BBC ASCII art

[code lang=”lua”].oooooooooooooooooooo +ooooooooooooooooooo /ooooooooooooooooooo-.
..:dMMMMMM NMMMM/ ..-yMMMMMM- hMMMMd+..-.-mMMM/.
..MMMMM- :yyo
..MMMMM- .:::-
..MMMMM- -sso+
:MMMMMNMMMM/ .sss+. .NMMMM- hMMMm//osys+:yMMM/.
NMMMMy++++++sdMMMMMM- hMMMMMNyo////+shNMMM/.

Thank you for downloading this footage bundle from the BBC.
This is part of a project between and BBC RAD Labs.[/code]

And in true BitTorrent fashion, they distribute with an ASCII art.

BBC and Firefox 3 redesigned

It appears that BBC has undergone a redesign. It looks much cleaner now and I am still trying to figure out where to start. Previously BBC tries to push more information to the user. Today’s BBC tries to get the user to learn about what’s available and let them choose the content for themselves. It’s kinda a slightly refreshing approach to online news which often confuse me with too much pieces of news in one page. Try minimizing everything. I sort of feel happier seeing no information than some information, hahaa…

And also, Firefox 3’s new interface has gotten better. Ars did is a good write-up on what’s coming up. Honestly, I don’t like their back and front buttons. It looks almost hideous.

By the way Ars is one of the best websites to read about interfaces I notice. They don’t just take a bunch of screenshots that throw it online, Ars crops it nicely so you don’t have to move from page to page clicking and clicking. It’s a good effort.

Hat tip: citizen geek