Python User Group is kinda interesting

It’s the first Python User Group meeting in Singapore. It’s interesting to see that the number of people using Python in Singapore (we’re a population of 4.5 million when I last counted with my fingers).

Let me first say I’m not really a Python programmer developer. I work with PHP more but Python has always been interesting for me mainly because of the beauty in the syntax. I probably would blog more about it in future (not near).

Anyhow, the Singapore Python User Group is organized by several Republic Polytechnic lecturers, mainly teaching Diploma in Interactive & Digital Media. Two of the courses that in the diploma actually uses Python – Multimedia Programming I and II. I think Temasek Polytechnic has a little bit of Python in this shell scripting course too.


The first meetup is mainly a sharing session, the later part of the meetup broke in lightning talks ala Barcamp. There is also mention of PyCon Singapore 2010. I hope things would work out right. Things should be interesting.

I figured I should too mentioned that there are women present in this meetup and they are not PR people.

The meetup finished at 7 where I rush home for dinner. Met Jonathan on my way out of SMU and we chatted a little. And yeah, he didn’t know what’s Python.

Back from Kuala Lumpur

I just returned from Kuala Lumpur. Went there to attend BarCamp Malaysia. I’ll blog more on that soon.

I saw the majestic Petronas Twin Towers at Kuala Lumpur City Center too. My phone camera won’t do justice to her:

Petronas Twin Towers

And visited Suria KLCC too. Mall organization resembles Suntec City and the mall content reminds me of Vivocity – trendy for everyone. Suria was the cleanest mall I been to in KL. Lots of tourists there too:

Suria Kuala Lumpur City Center interior

With the exception of the food center, Suria is spacious and easy to navigate.

It’s my first visit to Kuala Lumpur, second visit to Malaysia. I only visited the metropolitan area.