End of assignments, commercing of project

My assignments came to an end yesterday with my networking coursework submitted. I haven’t done a terrific job on that. I was too uninspired on writing up networking proposals as an assignment. For one, it serves no purpose. Also not exactly my interest. Yesterday was a busy day, I rushed to Fusionopolis, rushed to MMI, rushed to Ikea and back to home to rest. Met Ridzuan at 1 AM to eat McDonald’s also. McDonald’s taste better in the wee hours.

I had some time for Atashinchi:

Atashinchi mother anime japanese
Atashinchi mother anime japanese

But I was too tired to watch.

This morning I woke up late. I am quite pleased with myself waking late these days; somehow felt more satisfied with my sleep. I went to the doctor then to work. I’ve been working in 24seven – a tiny company with big-hearted people. We’re working on something new and bits and pieces are surfacing. Will likely share more when time is right.

Netbooks, silent Samsung phone and buses

Am I the only person using the netbook as if it is a mobile phone? My friend finds it funny that I couldn’t operate my rather user-friendly phone yet bothered to find out what’s going on in my computer operating system. Although the netbook is huge compared to the mobile phone, I found myself using it more and more these days in public transport.

I do my assignments, type blog posts and organize my folders all in the bus. With a computer, it’s so much more to do.

Perhaps it’s time to consider an iPhone or something. My 1.5-year old phone did a silent protest today by being silent the entire day. Perhaps it’s time for shopping soon.


Finished my Prolog assignment

I finally handed in my prolog assignment. I don’t think I do a good job but at least the document itself looks good. I can’t stress how important presentations are for assignments. I very much doubt the markers actually look at your code and see if it’s working or now. In fact I can imagine markers just giving an A for an assignment that looks right. It’s all about presentation sometimes.

Gone is yestermonth’s assignment, four more to go.

Any Prolog experts around?

I need to create a Prolog crossword puzzle for a school assignment. I don’t want a Prolog solution, I have a couple but I couldn’t understand what it means so it’s kinda pointless for me. Does anyone have any tips to completing this task? Perhaps which in built predicate I should be looking out for or something? I am using SWI-Prolog 5.6.64 for this assignment.


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New Year’s almost ending

And assignment submission date is coming. My assignments are more or less completed. Yes they look a little like rushed work but they’re completed. I had this crazy obsession with formatting in Word 2007. And that of course is the reason why I can’t move away from Word. Whoever tell me Open Office is cool apparently does not work on numbered document listings and table of contents much. So please save your voices, Office Word 2007 rocks for me and I will not convert at this point of time.

Looking like Word does not mean it is Word.