ASP.NET MVC is now opensource

Some exciting news from the ASP.NET world, ASP.NET MVC has been released open-source

Releasing the ASP.NET MVC source code under MS-PL

I’m excited today to announce that we are also releasing the ASP.NET MVC source code under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL).  MS-PL is an OSI-approved open source license.  The MS-PL contains no platform restrictions and provides broad rights to modify and redistribute the source code.

Learning more about ASP.NET MVC

To learn more about ASP.NET MVC, you can read my free ASP.NET MVC PDF tutorial that covers building an end-to-end application (starting literally with File->New Project).

There were a number of great ASP.NET MVC talks at MIX this year.  Below are links to several of them:

There are also several great ASP.NET MVC tutorials at  You can also read the ASP.NET MVC MSDN Documentation. (Source: Scott Guthrie’s Blog

This is something worth mentioning. Love seeing more opensource commitments from Microsoft.

jQuery to be integrated into Visual Studio

Good news for people who develop in the Microsoft development environments, jQuery is to be adopted in Microsoft’s official development platform. I’m surprised by the announcement as Microsoft has shown preference in developing their own products rather than reusing what is out there.


Adopting jQuery is an excellent choice and Microsoft probably would drop their existing ASP.NET Ajax Framework in time to come since so many people are using jQuery already.

What excites me more is the possibility of implementing jQuery IntelliSense into Visual Studio. I love to see how that would work out.

On slight note, Nokia also adopted jQuery in their widget development platform.