Short return from reservist

I just returned from national service reservist. Singapore practices conscription for abled men. The reservist programme aims to train military personnel to become operational ready should there be a need in time to come.

The disruption of my daily routine irks me. The regimentation and senseless babbling of army commanders returns. To kick start the commander phase of battalion, one of my commanders proclaimed something along the lines of “You guys are not a reservist unit, you are an active unit.” That discourages and puzzles me to a good extend (since we are a reservist unit). The overzealous nature of that commander gave me a bitter preview of what is to come.

Today is October 16, it’s the 6th day. This programme will end on the October 29 if nothing goes wrong. That’s 13 days to go.

In SAF Military Medicine Institute

I almost forgot about this appointment. I took a cab and rushed out of the house to a place few taxi drivers are familiar with. When entering the building, they quickly confiscated my phone.

Oh well… When would they acknowledge that these days it’s camera phones everywhere. I’m going back already though.

Similarities between Trac and army

There was this once when we had to write our profiles on the website.

Trac a popular issue tracker is like army both arrows

Ridz opened a ticket in Trac, assigned the work to me. I accepted the task but Aen decides this should be Ridz’s job and pushed it back to him. Ridz then push it back to Uzyn and I. It’s pretty funny the way Trac works. Trac is a popular issue tracker that reminds me of army.

Digital arrows.