Stop receiving paper bills

Get sent bills? If you are discipline enough to pay your bills online every month, consider getting electronic bills instead. And why?

  1. You save on paper and do your part on conservation, making Earth a better place
  2. You no longer to open envelopes which takes up time and your bills often comes with additional advertisements that is thicker than the  bill itself
  3. You never have to feel compelled to file them because electronic bills are archived online already

So just get rid of paper bills altogether. It makes you more free since you have lesser to do. You can dedicate your time on the littles things you plan to do but didn’t, such as in my case getting a wardrobe. Doing little things an hour a day will get you closer to what you envision.

The bonus is having to deal with lesser physical items. If you still get paper bills, consider throwing away the less important ones after you paid the bill. As much as possible, file as little as possible. This reduces unnecessary worries.

Just one box of notes would do

These are my Singapore polytechnic and secondary school notes all stored in a box. Every alternate year I’ll add more things into this box. And when the box can’t contain more things, I start dumping the really old things.

Singapore polytechnic and secondary school notes all stored in a box

Sort of force myself to keep things within the limits of the box size. My disposal policy goes like this: If it’s something I am not going to use or look at in the next five years, it probably should end up in the bin.

(I still keep one stack of secondary school stuff because they’re my English compositions. I sucked at them but that’s precisely why I keep them – to laugh at myself.)