SingTel AMPed SMSes are really annoying

I am not interested at all. No unsubscribe option. Do I have to call SingTel specially to request for a delist? I have received numerous SMSes on that. Oh and the customized ringtones? Oh god they are annoying. Why did SingTel even think I would appreciate them changing to some song I never heard before? I just want the lousy default dial tone that is really really boring because it tells so much of my personality. Thank you.

Doing cold calling right has a good article on how to do cold calling:

Cold calling typically refers to the first telephone call made to a prospective customer. More unusually these days, cold calling can also refer to calling face-to-face for the first time without an appointment at commercial premises or households. Cold calling is also known as canvassing, telephone canvassing, prospecting, telephone prospecting, and more traditionally in the case of consumer door-to-door selling as ‘door-knocking’.

More often, I’m annoyed with cold calling.

One more example why SVN sucked

The worst part of SVN is that it’s got lots of .svn folders hidden in every single versioned directory. It has never occurred to me how terrible an idea this is until I delete a directory. I had this weird deja vu that I’m going to regret issuing that rm -rf command but I did so anyway. It’s versioned, I tell myself.

Ah, but there’s a catch

No. Once I did that I spend the next 30 minutes trying several commands to recover it, such as svn revert and svn update. They don’t work because the current directory’s .svn folder is still there and it’s just silly SVN’s way of knowing its there. Every command to revert led me, falsely, to believe my folders are all still there.

So I downloaded an entire new copy of the files I just deleted and put them back. That failed as the files I have restored manually don’t have the .svn folders. I tried committing the restored copies and the SVN server will just say the “Commit failed” with the reason “Server sent unexpected return value (405 Method Not Allowed) in response to MKCOL request for ‘…'”.

Don’t tell me what I can’t do!

Well… The thing is I wasn’t convinced. In an act of folly I deleted the parent directory which now resulted in the whole project just dead basically. Fantastic.

I should add that at this moment it all came back to me. I am certain this SHITuation happens to me at least a dozen time especially when I’m half awake.

As least Git doesn’t have that issue. Every time I use SVN, I have this feeling I’m walking on thin rope fearing to offend the Tiki gods. I guess I’m just not smart enough for SVN.

Start with a new email subject when the topic is different

I can’t emphasize more on not resurrecting old email conversations by just replying blindly. The following meant something:

RE: Request for inspection

It meant replying to the previous conversation regarding “Request for inspection”. If it’s not the same topic, start a new email message with a brand new title. Don’t be lazy, new email subjects are free too, please have fun with it. Finding mail has become a challenge recently.

Better never than late

I’m frustrated with courier services. They haven’t been as punctual as I hope for.

They give a time range, nine to twelve, where I woke specially to prepare for a delivery. I stayed and waited.

And waited. (x100)

It’s half-past-damn-twelve and my package did not arrive. If they claim they would come between 9 to 12, I expect them to come at around 10:30 by rule of averaging. I can’t wait any longer and I’m leaving to 24seven office right now.

This is not the first time this particular delivery is missed. I hope one day courier services would at least send an SMS to inform me that they cannot make it or something.

My first impression of MacBook Pro and Mac OS X

This is the first time since a decade ago where I buy a computer with an OS fully installed. I almost have no recollection how easy this supposed to be. When I received my MacBook Pro earlier in the day I had thoughts on how I have to set things up.

It was delivered (finally) at half past 4. My brother and I opened the package which presents itself well and earned an excellent first impression. I switched on the MacBook Pro and was delighted it just works. (That’s not to say that others computers don’t.)

I begin by trying out all the eye-candy stuff, the dashboard, the expose and made sure I opened each and every application to see how it looks like. Then I played with the System Preferences, probably that excites the geek part of me.

Instead of getting Mac OS X to suit me, I decided not to do any custom settings and use all those System Preferences as default. I explored around like a kid with a new toy and felt Apple delivered the experience.

Then my frustration sets in. All the function keys require the ‘fn’ to be held down. I don’t mind if the controls that took over are useful, but it’s being replaced with crap like backward, forward, play buttons that is just unnecessary. There’s no Home button. And I still have no idea how to get the Num Pad out, or is there even one?

The first thing I installed was, well, Windows 7. Please don’t scream at me. It’s the nearest I could get to something familiar. Windows 7 works for a while and start giving my blue screens then black screens then no screens. I tried resurrected it by starting the recovery console where my brother and I stared at the damn forever-progressing progress bar left to right till we got dizzy. It didn’t fix itself. I switched off and went back to Mac OS X.

It’s destiny I tell you.

Things got really bad with Media Temple

The slowness in speed is almost unbearable. I couldn’t access most of the time. I got so sick that I stopped blogging on my other blog. I finally decided I had enough. I sat in front of my computer for 2 hours painstakingly backing things up. There are just so many things to migrate over to the new host. But it just had to be done.

Yesterday my ad provider complained that I fail to put up the links to the advertisements. I checked and found out really it’s just not there. In fact my whole front page is not there. That’s just great, I wanted to troubleshoot it only to realized it’s just too slow to even SSH in to the server. I will stop paying Media Temple. I still have credits there but I’ll just let them have the money.

I migrated to Slicehost (visit with my referrer link). During May, I plan to up the Slicehost account to 512 MB RAM. I don’t think I’ll ever return to Media Temple. It’s got a nice homepage but it’s got just a nice homepage. I was using their Grid Service to host one blog.

Seven things I hate about Apple iTunes

The most annoying things about iTunes are:

  1. Each time I launch iTunes, it gives me a quick black screen, I don’t know what’s that for but it’s uncool.
  2. I never understood why dragging and dropping music into iTunes’s Music sometimes work and sometimes don’t.
  3. On a maximized iTunes, you cannot move your mouse cursor to the top right and click to close iTunes. You end up clicking on the application behind and that typically would be maximized for me and I always ended up closing Firefox this way. It’s just because iTune’s windows have curved corners all around.
  4. iTunes randomly eats up my cover art and I have no frigging idea what’s going on.
  5. Glorified spreadsheet is ugly, grid layout is simply requires too many clicks to move around and the cover layout – oh don’t get me started.
  6. iTunes’ volume changes are not reflected the Volume Mixer of Windows Vista.
  7. And the fact that it somehow needs Bonjour and Apple Mobile Devices and kindly installs those services without telling you.

Apple is just there to destroy Windows users experience. I can imagine they’ve got a bunch of really dedicated staff who actually would probably fix these things but were told to prioritize on useless shit like Bonjour for Windows.

When using Windows Vista, I can almost feel Apple screaming to me “Switch switch switch”.

Honestly one day I probably would switch but I can’t help but not like the company. Think of it as Microsoft. Lots of people claim that they dislike Microsoft online but few actually bothered to move away from Microsoft years ago. If you hate the operating system so much, why not move? It’s just because Microsoft got some things wrong and a whole bunch of things right. And Apple too, gotten some things wrong like iTunes, but they’ve gotten a different bunch of things right.