What is Sentinel System Driver Installer?

Saw this in my control panel’s Uninstall a Program. What exactly does this tool and what installed this program? Is it some Adobe related tool?

Sentinel system driver installer in Uninstall a Program.

I feel like uninstalling it yet I don’t know if there are dependencies that may rely on this tool. It gives a link to SafeNet Inc which deals with DRM things, I think.

Adobe Flex Builder 3 is now free for unemployed developers!

Now this is call software stimulus package:

Adobe® Flex™ Builder 3 Professional for unemployed developers

Adobe Flex Builder 3 software is currently available for free for software developers who are affected by the current economic condition and are currently unemployed.

Program eligibility:

To receive the product under this program, you must attest to the fact that you are currently unemployed and that the software will be used only for your personal use not for any production or commercial purposes.

I attest that the following statements are true:

  1. I am not currently employed or being paid to develop software applications or web pages
  2. Adobe Flex Builder 3 Software I receive under this program is for my personal use to learn about Adobe Flex and improve my skills
  3. My license to use Flex Builder 3 under this program will not be used for production or commercial purposes, nor will it be transferred to any other person or entity, including to my employer should I become employed.

Get it free here.

With all the negative gripes I have with Adobe, I am surprised to see this one.

Gathering iPhone developers at Microsoft

It felt kinda funny so I just had to take a picture. I was at MobFest last week and Microsoft was the venue sponsor.

Why develop for iPhone in Microsoft

When Microsoft got their interns to talk about their projects, a few people stood up and leave. So basically they’re not there for Microsoft at all. It’s kinda sad and funny at the same time. I, too, wasn’t there for Microsoft products. I am working in the building next to them so we just walk over to check MobFest out. After MobFest, Arzhou, Raine and Uzyn had some supper (or dinner). And yesterday, I was at Microsoft Singapore again for RIAction and they had lots of Adobe stuff there. Google and Yahoo! was there too.

I think it is really generous for them to let competitor products step into the company. It requires a certain amount of openness and generosity to allow that to happen. I mean they could have rejected these things and no one would say that they are selfish. After all, it’s not in their commercial interest to host these sort of events. Sure they could sip in a bit of Microsoft talks here and there but they don’t really have to do that too. I don’t think the company deserved to be made a butt of jokes all the time.

ActionScript conference in Singapore

There’s going to be an ActionScript conference in Singapore coming October 19.

The Actionscript Conference

It would be cool to see what Adobe has for the developers. It cost 60 bucks to attend but if you’re real lucky and are amongst the first 10 to put the above badge up, you might be in for a little discount. And yeah, I am kinda eying for some discount, haha…

PDF is now an ISO standard

PDF is now an ISO Standard:

PDF Now ISO Standard

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has approved the PDF as a standard format for electronic documents. ISO has christened version 1.7 of PDF, the current working version, ISO 32000-1. (Source: RedDevNews)

Okay, the rest of the article is just a long read so let’s stop after my full stop.

Adobe Reader 9 out, nothing good about it

Adobe Reader 9 is full of crap. It comes with embedded Flash support, bundled with Adobe AIR and some crap Safari extension or something that didn’t work too well.

Adobe Reader 5 or 6 is probably the best Adobe Reader. Subsequent Adobe Readers are merely products to keep Adobe engineers busy so that they won’t get fired just because they have nothing to program on.

The install process take farking bloody long and is powered by iNOSSO. Since when does ads creep into installers. Is Adobe that in need of money?

Then they attempt to bundle the eBay desktop program, please don’t install that crap. The last thing you ever need is to install more crap after installing crap.

Adobe Reader even asks you to restart your computer after installation. I NEVER restart my Windows Vista after an installation. Get real. It runs for 10 days straight and I’m not going to restart it till the next Windows Update.

Adobe Reader 9
(includes Acrobat.com on Adobe AIR)

It’s bigger, it’s crappier and all it does is to read some documents. It doesn’t edit, it just displays the file. What’s up with the file size increase, the AIR inclusion and the bad install experience. It installed Adobe Help Viewer 1.1 and install another version of Adobe Update just because the new one can’t be compatible with CS3.

I recall installing Office 2007, it lets you select what you want, have a good customizable installation experience. And it doesn’t even ask you to restart your system.

You can read more here and here.

Google now crawls Flash

Flash developers would be pleased on this one – Google has now learnt to crawl the text within the Flash files.

Google learns to crawl Flash

Google has been developing a new algorithm for indexing textual content in Flash files of all kinds, from Flash menus, buttons and banners, to self-contained Flash websites. Recently, we’ve improved the performance of this Flash indexing algorithm by integrating Adobe’s Flash Player technology.

In the past, web designers faced challenges if they chose to develop a site in Flash because the content they included was not indexable by search engines. They needed to make extra effort to ensure that their content was also presented in another way that search engines could find.

Now that we’ve launched our Flash indexing algorithm, web designers can expect improved visibility of their published Flash content, and you can expect to see better search results and snippets. There’s more info on the Webmaster Central blog about the Searchable SWF integration. (Source: Google Blog)

This should have been done a long time ago. But it’s great news for ActionScript lovers. You text are not left out any more.

But! But!! But!!! Honestly, given a choice I much prefer see JavaScript if Flash is not really need. If you just want to create some rollovers or an image gallery, consider JavaScript. For one, it just works out-of-the-box. JavaScript libraries have cool effects that you can achieve with Flash too.

The amount of crap in Acrobat Reader

Take a look at the preferences:

The amount of crap in Acrobat Reader

I wish they come out with Acrobat Reader Lite or something. Acrobat Reader is just filled with crap I don’t want at all.

Adobe Reader actually feels slower and slower these days. I just want something to read my documents with, I don’t want to fill in form, don’t want 3D, don’t want JavaScript, don’t want collaboration tools, don’t want read aloud tools and all those additional navigation tools.

Acrobat Reader is in this stage where they have nothing to add in the software any more and the program managers just have to get creative in order to keep everyone’s jobs. All the additional fanciful tools just serve maybe 1% of your customers. The rest of 99% are totally clueless why a bunch of text take so long to load.