Writing asynchronous JavaScript

This library — async.js — is excellent in writing asynchronous JavaScript. It’s one of JavaScript’s strengths and it’s only that often get really messy.

In my use case, there are a several data sets to fetch and populate into graphs. One way is to perform a for each loop and just AJAX requests to get dataset from the web server and adding it one by one. But why do that when you can do so asynchronously. Ideally, all sets of data should be downloaded at the same time and not one after another. Some data sets are larger than others and will take a longer time to complete, so we can always add the completed sets into the graph first.

With that library we can do something like:

[code language=”javascript”]
async.map([‘url1′,’url2′,’url3’], getUrl, function(err, results){


I’ll write more as I explore. Really nice library if you’re looking to do more than jQuery’s Defered.

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