Indulge lesser

Don’t overindulge. Share your gains. It’s a good reminder for me.

Don’t Indulge. Be Happy.

The value of underindulgence casts a different light on the current debate over restricting sugary sodas. Driven by the childhood-obesity crisis, many school districts around the country have banished soda from their campuses. Leaving aside the potential health benefits of these initiatives, banning soda for a large chunk of the day may actually improve its taste. Researchers at Arizona State University demonstrated that people enjoy soda significantly more when they can’t have it right away. (The effect doesn’t hold for prune juice, a beverage that rarely incites overindulgence.)

…rather than focusing on how much we’ve got in our bowl, we should think more carefully about what we do with what we’ve got — which might mean indulging less, and may even mean giving others the opportunity to indulge instead.

Source: NYTimes

How to integrate Google Analytics into IP.Board

Google Analytics is easy to integrate to track your visitors and how they found your website. In the case of IP.Board or Invision Powered Board, integrating is very simple too.

First you will need to get your Google Analytics tracking code from your Google Analytics Admin page. If you don’t have the ‘Tracking Code’ option, it could be that you are assigned with admin permissions to your website.
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WorldSkills Singapore 2012

Last week, I was at WorldSkills Singapore 2012 for the Web Design category as Deputy Chief Judge where I was joined with Addison Kang (Shanda Games) and Ivy Liong (Waka Waka):

Web Design category in WorldSkills Singapore 2012 competition

The competitors are from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Temasek Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic. The competition is held in ITE College West in Choa Chu Kang.

I saw other interesting competition. Here are the iron chefs:

Chefs at work, WorldSkills Singapore 2012 competition
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On questioning everything

Karl Pilkington shares his wisdom:

Professor Stanley Milgram of Yale offers two theories:

  1. theory of conformism where a subject who has neither ability nor expertise to make decisions, especially in a crisis, will leave decision making to the group and its hierarchy.
  2. agentic state theory wherein, per Milgram, “the essence of obedience consists in the fact that a person comes to view themselves as the instrument for carrying out another person’s wishes, and they therefore no longer see themselves as responsible for their actions. Once this critical shift of viewpoint has occurred in the person, all of the essential features of obedience follow”.

More on Milgram experiment.

Likely Higgs boson particle found

BBC reports Higgs boson-like particle to be discovered via Large Hadron Collider (LHC), more on news:

Higgs boson-like particle discovery claimed at LHC

The particle has been the subject of a 45-year hunt to explain how matter attains its mass.

Both of the Higgs boson-hunting experiments at the LHC see a level of certainty in their data worthy of a “discovery”.

More work will be needed to be certain that what they see is a Higgs, however.

Prof Peter Higgs, after whom the particle is named, wiped a tear from his eye as the teams finished their presentations in the Cern auditorium.

“I would like to add my congratulations to everyone involved in this achievement,” he added later.

“It’s really an incredible thing that it’s happened in my lifetime.”

I watched the video as Peter Higgs teared, perhaps a sign of relief or of vindication. I’m happy he gets to see his work validated.

Here’s a good video to explain Higgs boson:

What is Higgs boson?

Fox and grapes

From Aesop’s fables:

The Fox and the Grape

A hungry fox saw some fine bunches of grapes hanging from a vine that was trained along a high trellis, and did his best to reach them by jumping as high as he could into the air. But it was all in vain, for they were just out of reach: so he gave up trying, and walked away with an air of dignity and unconcern, remarking, I thought those grapes were ripe, but I see now they are quite sour.

Disconnecting myself

I’m getting increasing tired of the notifications that I have in my life. The top offenders for me are Facebook, LINE, Google Talk, whatsapp and email.

I feel obliged to clear the notification icons on my desktop and phone. There are just too many ways of reaching me. And I like to experiment with new technologies that I install and sign up so many applications to connect myself even more.

I’m opting to disconnect for a while, maybe three months. No more Facebook. I have a major fatigue over notifications. I get increasingly annoyed with these distractions. The only one I cannot unplug from is email, my major chore of the day.