People change

People change — that’s what I keep telling myself when something unexpected occurs. Then a voice would retort, “What? You expect people to stay the same? How absurd!” And I end up forgiving and accepting things as a way of life. As I continue to relax my expectations, it comes to a point where I wonder if I might be better of sticking with my standards.

How to install PHP APC in CentOS

I assume you already have PEAR/PECL available. I am using the CentOS’s stock PHP. First you need to update your channels:

[code lang=”bash”]kahwee:~ kahwee$ sudo pear update-channels
Updating channel “”
Channel “” is up to date
Updating channel “”
Channel “” is up to date
Updating channel “”
Channel “” is up to date[/code]

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Forced alphanumeric passwords

From the movie Handover 2:

Phil: Your password is baloney1?
Chow: Well used to be just baloney, but now they make you add number.

Forcing alphabets and numbers into password is just annoying for me. I have a, what I will deem to be, a sufficiently secure password and I had to uglify it with a number. The number actually makes my password harder to remember. Will my passwords be just random hashes one day?

Door opening is an art

This summarizes what I observe when I watch people open doors. This is science I tell you.

Shaun Micallef – Polite Distances

In general, people here get stressed when doors are opened for them. There are a couple of times when I feel I do not get a thanks not because people aren’t appreciative, they just don’t know what to do or say but to quickly walk through the door (because they need to) and pretend it all did not happen.

Singaporeans are amazing.