How to reduce backlogs in life

There are items I want to have completed yet I did not get around completing them. It is a bad habit and I am trying to fix that. It all stems from procrastination.

As I transit out of my previous company ONG&ONG Group I had more time to assess the situation in greater detail. It’s not unfixable and I’ve done up a huge To-do list to ensure my backlogs can be cleared. This includes abandoning some of my previous endeavors. I now need to follow the plan.

Steps to clear backlog:

  1. Ask yourself why is there a backlog. For me it’s procrastination — an area I have to reduce.
  2. Make a list, not this list, but a To-do list of backlogs you have to clear. I try to follow David Allen’s approach from Getting Things Done.
  3. Identify tasks that are no longer goals in your life and rid them from your list. That means to let go of these things emotionally.
  4. Follow the plan.

I find myself reviewing to my huge To-do list over and over again to reprioritize the tasks. I tend to put one tiny task at the start of my day, followed by a big task and smaller ones after that. Completing the tiny task is encouraging and striking one task of the list feels great. I think it works differently for many people. You’ve got to try different strategies and determine which one suits your needs more. If your tasks require you to perform at a certain location, you may want to group them by proximity rather than task effort.

WordPress cannot resize uploaded images?

Just encountered an issue where WordPress cannot resize my uploaded photograph to thumbnail, small or medium. All the radio buttons are grayed out but the full size option.

This is due to a certain module not installed. If you are using Ubuntu:

[code lang=”bash”]sudo apt-get install php5-gd[/code]

If you don’t have access, you might have to advise your web host to do so.

GD library is a simple image processing library used by WordPress to perform resizing and cropping.

Moved to Linode

I haven’t been blogging for quite some time. There has been much transitions in this couple of years and it distracted me greatly. Blogging is something I miss doing but the missing occurs when I’m in public transport where it’s least convenient.

Previously this blog is hosted at Rackspace Cloud. They’ve provided decent services but Linode has more competitive pricing. Nearly all my websites are moved to Linode. Once every thing’s migrated over, I will shut down the instance in Rackspace Cloud.

Oh yes I switched to nginx too.