North Korea: China is happiest place

According to North Korea’s Chosun Central Television, China is happiest place on earth, USA’s most dreadful.

North Korean “Global Happiness Index” ranks China no. 1, USA dead last

China is the happiest place on earth(!!) according to a new global happiness index released by North Korea’s Chosun Central Television. China earned 100 out of 100 points, followed closely by North Korea (98 points), then Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. Coming in at 203rd place is America (or rather “the American Empire”, 美帝国), with only 3 happiness points. South Korea got a measly 18 points for 152nd place. [Source: Shanghaiist]

Wonder how they measure happiness. Number of smiling posters?

Does Japan really need more people?

Japan population is decreasing:

C’mon, Japan, Procreate!

Despite a slight uptick in the fertility rate in 2010, Japan’s population just keeps on falling. The country’s population decline last year was the worst since the government started keeping records in 1899.

The number of deaths minus births came to 125,700, surpassing the 100,000 threshold for the first time, according to Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. There have been more deaths than births in Japan for four years in a row now, making the country a demographic time bomb and a laboratory for the rest of the world when it comes to aging.

The ministry said the nation’s birthrate stood at 1.39 in 2010, up 0.02 percentage point for fourth straight year of gains. But the birthrate has stayed well below the ratio of 4.54 and 2.16 compared with the baby booms in 1947 and 1971, respectively. None too encouraging. And consider this statistic: according to Kathy Matsui at Goldman Sachs, there are more pets in Tokyo than children under the age of 14. [Source: WSJ]

Is procreation the ultimate goal for a civilization?