City Harvest Church funds allegedly misused

This case has gotten rather big this couple of days. Several people linked to City Harvest Church has been investigated for a possible misuse of church funds. There are even rumors that Senior Pastor Kong Hee and his singer wife Sun Ho are having troubles with their marriage due to issues relating to this issue.

Church people under investigation

THE police rounded up several people linked to City Harvest Church for alleged misuse of church funds. The 17 who are assisting the police with investigations include the megachurch’s founder, Senior Pastor Kong Hee, who was picked up on May 31.

The police also took away financial records and computers from the homes and offices of the people involved. They did not say what offences they were investigating.

A joint statement from the Commissioner of Charities and the Commercial Affairs Department said they were investigating “several individuals and companies, related or connected” to the church. The four-paragraph statement said the commissioner had received complaints about the misuse of church funds. It had looked into the matter and decided that the police should become involved.

Responding to queries, the commissioner said the financial transactions being investigated were not related to, nor initiated by, the church’s controversial $310 million stake in Suntec City, which was announced in March. (Source: Asia One)

City Harvest Church is Singapore’s largest and possibly most successful church.

What do you think would happen to the church?

9 thoughts on “City Harvest Church funds allegedly misused”

  1. There is no business like showbiz…….
    CIry harvest just like the hollywood blockbuster churchtantic………..

    30000 on board is been decieved that the church is unsinkable….

  2. In 1999, i was invited to CHC, Pastor Kong was the preacher on the day, that was my first time in CHC. I was young, I belived what he has said –> ” You know that you have sin, and you wish the lord to forgive, come to the front, let me washes all your bad mermories. your sins, LET CHRIST HEAL YOU…. and I did went down to the stage so that Christ can heal me…After he said some SHALABALA thingy..the next moment I know, someone from my right said to me YOU ARE NOW CITY HARVEST CHURCH member…I WAS TOTALLY motive was to let christ to wash my sins and not convert me into a member that i never agreed to it at first.. A young person like, quickly rejected it but the cell group leader insist and i finally showed a PISSED off look…she stopped the conversation, my friend who brought me there was sad that i never become one of them –> but i guessed she is too young like to me to understand at that time…Due to most of my friend are from CHC, i did attend the church to network with new friends….AND i found out that the way the PULLED their new memeber is ALWAYS the same –> let the lord be with you and washed away your sins! If you dun become like us, YOU WILL NOT GO HEAVEN …this senstence makes me finally realised that i shouldn;t be here…that took me a while being so stupid!!! I LEFT and never go back that CHC, till now i still friends with my CHC friend…all i want to say that i feel it being like a cult to be in CHC.. every service, first topic of the day will be DONATIONS to the lord…

  3. Never a christian and never will be! ๐Ÿ™‚ the first invite there was to know more friends..this is what my friend said to me–>never about lord–> that’s all!

  4. We have a saying in the West not sure if it applies in Singapore judging by the comments everywhere – that a person is INNOCENT unless proven guilty. A Police investigation looks to see if there is in fact a criminal case or not. This is not known yet.

  5. Let us not jump into conclusion as the result of the investigation has not been make known yet. It is good that this thing happen. If the church leaders is guilty, they have to face the music, if they are found to be not guilty, well that is good.
    The truth is….. when you become rich and famous you will also invite enemies.
    Look at Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder) Many people are jealous of him! That’s why they
    look for loop hole in his OS, they create viruses and so on to try mess up his Windows.
    Therefore, that is nothing spectacular about this CHC case.

    As for you LLL, I live in Kuala Lumpur and I attend a church that have no connection with CHC, but they are still my bros and sisters in Christ. I want to apologize for what had happen to you in CHC. What I can see is that, you have bump into a few over zealous newcomer to the church. They are new comers they are still new to many things and the same thing also happen in my church. We cannot blame the whole church just because one or two person make blunders. I have a friend who have many brothers and sisters.
    Two of her brothers involve in gangterism and in illegal business. Just becaue two members of her family are like that,can we blame the whole family for involving in illegal things?
    There are many type of people go to temple,mosque, church. They may come for their own reason. Among this people may be rapist, murderer, conman or may be a genuine God seeker.

  6. eh hello…does anyone need a wakeup call? I live in Reality by the way.
    innocent til proven guilty? I don’t need that for I knew they have been this way for many years. I was a clinic assistant before and since the good doctor is a church member with connections to higher ranking church officials, these church officials frequent the clinic and get slimming products and beauty skin care products all under church claims. They never have to pay a single cent.

    The rest of what I know may be hearsay and rumour but apparently these higher ranking church officials due to their network of connections and also church donations, lead a relatively charmed life (monetarily speaking). I’ve wondered for many years how these people give 20% of their salary every month and not wonder why almost none of it is going to real charity funds? Pastors grow rich, churches get bigger, these elite churches get more members and more money and after a while, their doctrine goes from just being pure religion to being about deserving to be rich because they believe in god, because they are christians. Trust me, that is what they say.
    Oh but let’s not forgot the good ol’ “if you aren’t christian you don’t get to go to heaven” line, it’s been around for ages and it’s not gonna go away LLL.

    Let’s face it, there are normal good and most importantly sane THINKING christians and there are people who use christianity for their own selfish gains, anything that starts to involve huge sums of money, starts to attract not only people who badmouth them, but they also attract people who have other agendas.

    I’ll never be a christian, having similar experiences as LLL (note the plural not singular form), and my experiences with CHC only makes me more cynical on how a Church really works on the inside. Oh yeah baby, we bill the church for all sorts of *dubious* stuff. Trust me, there’s nothing in it for making the church look bad other than finally getting to say what I’ve always been saying.

    I say sure, go ahead, give your money to these people to pay for their children’s education, their mortgage, their parking fees, hell help them with their weight and skin problems too! These people gotta look good to get you to give ($$$) to them ๐Ÿ˜€
    When they feel good, you feel good too, these pastors tend to be great motivational speakers. So yeah, they need your money, your donations.
    While I’ll just be content over here giving my money to real charities and doing real volunteer work. Amen.

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