Going against Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Not everyone is merry over Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG). Even as the YOG comes to a closing today, I still hear the resentment. I am largely indifferent over the matter and I don’t know enough of it to contribute an opinion.

Singaporean arrested after Facebook attack on govt

In a statement, police said they had arrested a “man in his late 20s” on Tuesday “in connection with investigations into offences related to incitement of violence”.

…Abdul Malik Ghazali, 27, who posted a series of comments on the social networking site critical of how Singapore is hosting the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

The August 14-26 event, held for competitors aged from 14 to 18, has generated limited public interest, with many events blighted by empty seats and the host country’s athletes faring badly.

Vivian Balakrishnan, the minister for community development, youth and sports, has come under particular fire from online critics over the games.

Abdul Malik’s postings on his own Facebook page and on a separate group account called “I hate the Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee” are also critical of Singapore’s ruling People’s Action Party (PAP).

He said it was time to “burn” the sports minister and the PAP. “Rally together and vote them out!!!” he wrote.

“I did not intend for it to be taken literally. I did not mean for someone to actually burn,” he said. –AFP (Source: Asiaone)

Here’s what the group has to say and what they describe themselves to be:

We are Singaporeans who are disappointed and angry with the YOG organising Committee (SYOGOC).

The SYOGOC ballooned its initial budget of S$105 million for the YOG to S$387 million. In contrast, this government allocated only $92 million to the ComCare and Social Support Programme for needy Singaporeans in 2010.

The SYOGOC chose to fake its ticket sales results by having MOE to purchase the bulk of the tickets. This has led to the strange phenomenon of the half-filled stadiums and competition halls, despite tickets being fully “sold out”!

Students were coerced by their schools to support the torch relays and to attend YOG events. The volunteers were badly treated with substandard and even unsafe food!

It is an event organised by the politicians for the politicians to look good in front of foreigners, and the government is splurging on taxpayers’ money like nobody’s business.

We hate the YOG Organising Committee!

The group has 2,796 members currently.

Okay time for Merly:

Merly Youth Olympics Singapore 2010

(Merly Youth Olympics Singapore 2010.)

2 thoughts on “Going against Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games”

  1. Isn’t it sad? People are never happy, there is always something to complain about.

    Wherever someone did something well, instead of words of encouragement, people can still find flaw and complain. Whenever someone did something wrongly, more people complain. It seems that there is no incentive for anyone to do anything good.

    Sigh….. Everyone knows that nothing is perfect, life is filled with beautiful scenes and ugly flaws. Unfortunately many people choose to focus on the ugly side of life.

  2. Leong Hean Hong, I’m a little confused over your comment. When you mention someone doing well in something, are you referring to the Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee (SYOGOC)?

    I think complaining is fine though. Too much contentment is not a good thing. Besides, the complaints on the SYOGOC represents the view not of the majority but the vocal minority. However I do feel most are disinterested in the event.

    On focusing on the ugly side of life, I do agree. More often than not, we do take greater note of negative aspects of life and take good things for granted.

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