Jack Neo’s extramarital affair

Oh yeah, the Jack Neo incident. I can’t comment on it till today. I never know about Jack Neo that much until today actually. At some point of time I thought he was gay and I started to know he is a family man and all respected family man gave their household a Mitsubishi Electric air-conditioner. (We had an LG aircon which gave us trouble so Jack Neo probably is right.) I never had much an impression till his recent press announcement of his infidelity.

My mom thinks it’s shocking. She couldn’t believe what has happen; I mean, after all, it’s the Jack Neo whose movies she grew to find so lovely. Sure it is shocking but I am just shocked that others can harp about it for a week. More shocking is the reaction of the journalists who blockade the exit even though Jack Neo’s wife looked like she fainted.

So to the question that I was recently asked — will I watch Jack Neo’s movies again?

Yes I will. In fact I haven’t watched Jack Neo movies much but now I have noticed him and so yes I am watching his films in the cinema quite soon I hope. Had the scandal not happened today, I’m quite sure I wouldn’t know about the movie.

City Harvest to co-own Suntec

Mega church City Harvest Church (CHC) moves to snap a downtown property. Church plays monopoly?

Church to co-own Suntec

Amid cheers from the congregation, City Harvest Church (CHC) yesterday announced that it will pay $310 million to become a co-owner of Suntec Singapore, a prime piece of downtown real estate.

Senior pastor Kong Hee broke the news first at CHC’s service at its Jurong West building, then later at another service at the Singapore Expo in Changi.

He said CHC had acquired a ‘substantial stake in a consortium company that owns 80 per cent of a joint venture fund that owns Suntec Singapore’.

The complex’s full name is Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The $310 million includes the cost of acquiring shares in the consortium, rental costs, renovation costs and others.

Suntec Singapore was acquired by ARA Asset Management through the ARA Harmony Fund last year, with its investors comprising Suntec Reit – which holds 20 per cent – and a consortium company which holds 80 per cent. (Source: The Straits Times)

Good investment?

Opera 10.50 is released

It’s Opera, the lesser known browser. But this time, Opera’s new UI impresses:

A couple of caveats though. Firstly is the tabs on the top of the browser. When it is maximize, the tab is not touching the edge of the screen. For users who tend to move their pointing device too much, the cursor overruns the click area of the tab. I keep having to move my mouse pointer lower from the edge. This is undesirable. Also the new recycle bin feature is cool although I wish it remembers the state of my web page, such as the inputs that I have filled in halfway.

All in all, it’s a cool upgrade. I like the new feel. The transparency in Windows 7 pleases me. I noticed the View zooming feature at the lower right hand corner, it’s a nice touch. The browser is breeze and responsive as usual. Yet another great Opera release.

For web developers, Opera 10.50 also supports web storage and web SQL database. Read the full change log here.

To download, click here.