Obama: Lift stem cells ban

I totally agree on this one. The whole idea of the ban’s rather silly anyway. I don’t consider stem cells human apparently.

Obama Wants Congress To Act On Lifting Stem Cells Ban

Obama, who favors medical research on stem cells derived from human embryos, told CNN he was still exploring an executive order to revoke Bush’s ban.

“But I like the idea of the American people’s representatives expressing their views on an issue like this,” he said, lauding a “bipartisan” consensus in Congress that such research is ethical and potentially life-saving.

If the research could yield hope for victims of degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, “I think that sends a powerful message,” he said.

In blocking federal funding for stem cell research, Bush sided with religious conservatives who argue that research on embryos destroys human life, albeit at its earliest stage of development.

Stem cells are primitive cells from early-stage embryos capable of developing into almost every tissue of the body.

Scientists believe they could prove key in finding a cure for a number of serious diseases, including also diabetes and cancer. (Source: Physorg)

USA probably lacks behind in biosciences just because of this ban.

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  1. If Obama does nothing else in the next four years this is the best. I remember when bush vetoed the stem cell research, it was exactly 2 days after my baby granddaughter had, had a stem cell transplant. She had a very, very , very, rare cancer 1 in every 15 million children only (rare) if it had not been for the stem cell transplant my precious granddaughter would not i repeat not alive today. I remember watching him sign the veto on T.V. And so angry what if it had been his grandchild. I did not vote for Obama or McCain but, so far as corny as it is stem cell research is very important I lived it I applaud Mr. Obama for this

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