Jay-Z’s version of Forever Young

Jay-Z’s version of Forever Young, it apparently isn’t a cool enough name since he decide it to be “Young Forever” and auto-tuned the whole bloody track.

Jay-Z – Young Forever ft. Mr Hudson

Here’s the original tune by Alphaville:

Alphaville – Forever Young

The Forever Young guys grew old. Still seen rocking last 2005 in a Wikipedia article.

3 thoughts on “Jay-Z’s version of Forever Young”

  1. If you listen to the words Jay Z is talking about how his legacy will keep him young forever and thus the name of the song. And Badari is correct in that there is zero Auto tune used in this track.

  2. There is shit loads of auto tune used in this. Anyone who has a good ear for audio can tell instantly. It hasn’t been used as an obvious robot effect, but used to fine tune the vocal. Its meant to be transparent but it isn’t. You can especially hear it in the word ‘power’ and it sounds shit. The point of not using auto tune is that if a vocalist cant sing in tune to start with then get someone else. Stevie Wonder did take after take to get the perfect vocals. imagine how shit it would have been if the producer said that’s almost perfect i’l just run it through this computer program to put it in tune.

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