Why you can’t install Microsoft SQL Server 2005

If you see “SQL Server Database Services” grayed out, do not proceed with the installation. There’s some good reasons why it is grayed out. I am running Windows Vista Business Edition and am trying to install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition.

Can’t install Enterprise Edition in non-server version of Windows

The first problem is due to the fact that you cannot install Enterprise Edition into a non-server Windows operating system as stated here. That means to say that Enterprise Edition can only be installed in Windows 2000, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008. If you are using any other operating system, it is likely you are looking for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition or Standard Edition.

Required components of IIS 7 not fully installed

The second problem that I face is SQL Server 2005 complaining that I do not have IIS installed when I already done that. This is because you require the following components installed (their folders and in brackets):

  • Static Content (Common HTTP Features)
  • Default Document (Common HTTP Features)
  • HTTP Redirection (Common HTTP Features)
  • Directory Browsing (Common HTTP Features)
  • ASP.Net (Application Development)
  • ISAPI Extension (Application Development)
  • ISAPI Filters (Application Development)
  • Windows Authentication (Security)
  • IIS Metabase (Management Tools)
  • IIS 6 WMI (Management Tools)

I highlighted the requirements in red for your convenience:

Required IIS components for Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Required IIS components for Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Further information of required components can be found here.

Now after you install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Whatever Edition, make sure you run Windows Update or download any Service Pack that they offer. This would ensure compatibility to your operating system. I hope that helps. This problem annoyed me whole day.

2 thoughts on “Why you can’t install Microsoft SQL Server 2005”

  1. Thanks for this, I never knew that Enterprise edition was Server OS only. I guess it also helps Microsoft because it means fewer pirated copies will end up on torrent sites if the pirates can’t even install it!

    Looks like I’ll need to buy myself Developer edition some time.

    Thanks again,


  2. I have some thing to tell you and need your help..
    I using Win7 64bit But I cant install SQL server 2005. so can you me why?
    In the Finish Step It have setup fail..
    -SQL native Client (setup failed)
    -SQL Server Database Service (setup failed)
    -Workstation Compoments, Book Onlin…(setup failed)
    Can you show me??

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