I just annoyed a lady on the phone

I just annoyed a lady on the phone.

Her: Hello?
Me: Hello
Her: Who is this?
Me: The person you called. Who may you be?
Her: You called my phone yesterday evening and I wasn’t able to answer. I need to know who is this.
Me: You can’t. I did not call you. You called a fixed line and it can be from anybody. Give me your name and I will ask around.
Her: -gets angry- Where are you from?
Me: I don’t wish to reveal. Provide me with your name and I’ll check.
Her: -raises voice- What is this?
Me: I don’t need to identify myself.
Her: -officially pissed off- Are you trying to mock me? Why are you doing this to me?
Me: Why would I mock you? I am just asking–

-hangs up-

Not the first time this has happened. I hate to answer phone to ask me to identify myself. I won’t reveal myself before the caller does as I felt it gives a stranger an opportunity to find out more about the phone number’s owner(s). He or she could be someone who tries to use some social engineering skills. I’m mostly a prick at such scenarios. I know I know.

-hangs up-

4 thoughts on “I just annoyed a lady on the phone”

  1. Unfortunately, this way of answering the phone is common practice in Mexico, where I am from.
    Con men, scammers and kidnappers (yes, kidnappers) will try to extract information from whoever answers; children are taught to never give their names and other information to strangers on the phone.

  2. Won-Tolla, thanks for sharing your insights. My parents never taught me that, the internet did. Callers with ill-intents are virtually unheard of in Singapore. Even so, we should never take it for granted and always be careful, just in case.

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