How to speed read

In this short video Kris Madden shows you how to read faster. The trick, he says, is to repeatedly say “AEIOU” or “one, two, three, four,” as you read. This prevents you from vocalizing the written words with your larynx. Once you train yourself, you can stop uttering “AEIOU,” and you will be able to read much faster than before, or so he says. (from BoingBoing)

How to speed read

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1 thought on “How to speed read”

  1. That’s cool.

    Reminds me of a thought I used to have when I was really young: I realized that thinking is slowed down by people having to voice out the words (same as the video suggested) but I thought someone should create a vowel-less (or voiceless) language for thinking, and also reading/writing. That would have enhanced people’s thinking process a lot.

    This video is quite interesting in a way that instead of the rather impossible task of inventing a new language, it involves working around the current language and remove the voice.

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