You’re not weird, you’re just normal

I don’t understand why some girls claim they’re weird. They aren’t weird to me. Either that or I am one really strange person.

2 thoughts on “You’re not weird, you’re just normal”

  1. Gonna nerd out on you here.

    You’re confusing the semantic content of what they say with the purpose of what they say. You aren’t supposed to understand and decipher “whats weird about her” or assuage her weirdness fears.

    Instead, interpret that vocalization as a linguistic attempt to bring your attention to her. If your dog sticks its butt in the air and puts its paws on the ground you don’t try to communicate back with body language, you play with it. When a girl says she is weird you just give her some attention and see how she feels, tease her a bit. The ‘wrong answer’ would be to stay in your own frame of mind and spit out some absurd reassurance, giving serious reality to assumption that she is noticing she is weird while leaving her sort of lonely.

    At least thats my 2c

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