Christmas came early

Christmas came early for me and my relative unexpectedly gave me a phone he deemed too complicated to use. It’s free for him after a contract renewal but he much prefers his current phone.

The new phone is one of those slide phones that I have once declared I shan’t be ever carrying. It comes with some GPS whatever and a camera and a USB cable and a nice box. I haven’t really started reading the user guide yet but will do so in a couple of days time.

Nokia 6710
Nokia 6710

For some who may know, I’ve been eyeing for a new phone lately. This isn’t close to what I was hoping for but it will suffice. And Claudia, I can pass you back Sony Ericsson quite soon. Wahaha…

[Edited to include picture]

How to install GNOME in Ubuntu Server

After installing Ubuntu Server, you can be in dismay when you are greeted with a command prompt. It’s the 21st century and let’s not act tough that the terminal in the coolest thing. It really isn’t unless you want to show it off to your pals. (On an absolutely unrelated note: Don’t bother flexing your terminal skills to girls, they get impressed with your nerd culture and your coolness drop to -10.)

Okay let’s install some graphical user interface for humans alright. If you want to install GNOME in Ubuntu Server or the Cloud Enterprise Server, you can. And here is how to do it:

[code lang=”bash”]sudo apt-get install –no-install-recommends ubuntu-desktop[/code]

The no-install-recommends command begins with 2 dashes but WordPress gets hungry and ate one of them so be sure to correct that when typing.

If you leave out the “no-install-recommends” option, Ubuntu installs software such as They’re basically things I don’t want in a server. This is useful when you want a user interface but do not want things like games etc.. All these programs makes Ubuntu feel “unclean” for me. My preferred method of installing Ubuntu is always to use the Server edition and then install the GNOME interface with the above code.

NetBeans 6.8 released

As possibly the only NetBeans users coding in PHP in Singapore, I would like to announce in a somewhat lonely fashion that NetBeans 6.8 has been released. Despite being ridiculed for the past two years [insert laughter] for my unusual support for coding PHP with NetBeans IDE, I can never get used to something other than NetBeans so there’s probably something NetBeans did right after all.

If you’re on NetBeans 6.7, I urge you to upgrade. If you aren’t a NetBeans user, do give NetBeans a chance. It’s (probably) slower and Java-ish but the excellent code completion support more than made up for it. Oh yeah, and it’s free too.

Try NetBeans 6.8.

No more money

I opened my wallet to discover the notes compartment of my wallet filled with receipts. Only receipts and nothing more. I have this little application on my iPod that keeps track of my spending and I stared at it recounting the numerous I spent money in the name of — ahem — convenience. As a punishment I ate some lower price pasta at Pastamania.