New smartphone from INQ

Have a look at the new INQ mobile:

INQ mobile
INQ mobile

What’s striking asides the scarlet back is the strong focus on integration with social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook and Windows Live Messenger. Now you can stay connected with your pals where ever you are. INQ mobile also added push Gmail and iTunes synchronization recently, a very welcome addition to the already feature-packed phone. INQ also supports multitasking, the change in icon during incoming messages, friend requests and updates is a nice touch.

Here’s Walt Mossberg opinion on the INQ “facebook” phone:

Walt Mossberg & Katherine Boehret about the “facebook phone”

The INQ is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel camera that’s perfect of capturing candid moments of your friends and share them to Facebook before they can stop you. INQ positions itself as a simple yet feature-rich device to keep you connected to your social circle. The simplicity becomes evident as they chose not to ship a manual and instead have a Help Cards section of their website which guides you on the features of INQ rather than teaches you how to find or use them.

Attractive prizes can be won if you spare some time to check out the blog posts on INQ mobile here:,,,,,,,, holly– and

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How to make Firefox address bar faster

Firefox’s address bar, also known as the Awesome Bar, stores all sorts of awesome information in a SQLite database. The SQLite database slowly starts getting fragments and the Awesome Bar just isn’t as awesome if it gets all laggy. To solve this, you can vacuum the SQLite database that Awesome Bar used.

Go to Tools, then Error Console. And copy the following:

[code lang=”php”]Components.classes[ “;1” ].getService( Components.interfaces.nsPIPlacesDatabase ).DBConnection.executeSimpleSQL( “VACUUM” );[/code]

And paste and click on Evaluate:

Vaccuming Firefox in Error Console
Vaccuming Firefox in Error Console

The browser probably freezes for a few seconds and the address bar feels faster.

[via MozillaLinks]

Round up on WordPress and opensource vulnerability

Not long ago, word’s been going around to upgrade WordPress to its latest version 2.8.4. Robert Scoble suffered some loss, some hackers broke in and deleted some of his blog posts. In addition to that, the hackers also placed malicious code in his archive pages and Google sent him an email stating it has removed his blog from its indexes.

I would be terribly upset if such things happened to me. I keep updating WordPress just in case. But what happens when it did get hacked? Are the WordPress developers to be blamed? One of things brought up is custom plugins being incompatible with the new WordPress. I hate to say this but when it comes to security, it’s still more important to temporarily disable the plugin and fix it ASAP instead of not upgrading. The risk is just too much.

And backups. Do them frequently. If it’s hard to do backups, just pay your host to do so. I just pay them to settle those stuff for me. I’m not too clever with all the backup utilities. I never had the time to explore them.

One of the comments in Scoble’s Friendfeed caught my attention:

This recent wave of WordPress incidents shows the negative side of using open source software. Matt says that there are many people looking into WordPress’ source code, but the problem is that probably half of those people have malicious reasons for doing so. – Nikolay Kolev

To which Matt of WordPress fame replied:

Nikolay, it’s always better to have more people looking at the code, because a bug that’s been found is better than a bug that hasn’t. WordPress used to get almost no security problems and people thought it was because it was coded differently, when in fact it was coded far worse than it is today it just didn’t have enough users to make it worthwhile to target. Also where many commercial or proprietary companies try to minimize information about their problems or sit on a fix for months so they can package a bunch into one update, we put everything out there doing a new release as soon as possible after a problem has been reported. – Matt Mullenweg

Here’s another response from another user, Tim:

Nikolay: I would also push back against your assumption that using Open Source software equals less security. Microsoft Windows and OS X are both closed source and both have security holes – there is a competition each year to help MS and Apple find them and fix them. Both Apple and Microsoft came away with security holes to fix this year. So just because it’s open source doesn’t automatically make it more open to security holes. I agree with Matt and believe that have the source open to all makes fixing the holes much quicker. – Tim

I think I can relate to this…

Anyway, Matt also wrote an article on How to keep WordPress secure.

Opera 10 released

Opera 10 has been released, with some turbo charge technology. Opera Turbo, a new compression technology that solves the pain of slow connections.

The craftsmanship under the hood

Browsing speed is a combination of many factors. We fine-tuned our overall speed, making Opera faster and smoother on resource-intensive pages such as Gmail. Opera 10 is 40% faster in page loading than Opera 9.6 … and that is before you activate Opera Turbo. Opera is designed not only to be light and fast, but also smart. Our adaptive memory management is optimized to work with your machine, conserving memory if your computer has less RAM and utilizing more memory to enhance performance if your computer has memory to spare.

Meet Odd & Even who have been working dag og natt to help Opera fine-tune Opera Turbo before the release of Opera 10.

Odd & Even Compressing Web Pages

Get opera at

A Singapore company just spam my Skype

Usually I get spam from people telling me their weight losing regime work, but this time from a Singapore firm? Is it just me or is Skype having more and more advertisements these days…

Skype having more and more advertisements these days
Skype having more and more advertisements these days

Here’s what it says in text:

Good day to you, nice meeting you on Skype. This is Prince from Prince computers (SG), We are an IT company, which specialize in buying, selling, upgrading and repairing of both laptop and desktops.
We are currently looking for Damaged and Used laptops and desktops for the export market. *Terms and conditions do apply*
If you are looking at repairing any of your desktops or laptops, all our repairs and upgrades comes with a one month onsite software warranty and one year onsite hardware.
For more information.
Please feel free to mail or msn us @
Visit us @ (to find out our complete diversified range of services)
Call us @
Just give us a ring or drop us a mail for more enquiries ,no obligations to purchases

I am getting annoyed logging in to Skype seeing such things. These people just add me to their contacts and send one really long message.

The day my MacPorts died

I was all excited to receive a brown uninspiring envelop knowing what it should contain. My excitement lasted till I completed the installation of Mac OS X Snow Leopard only to discover MacPorts isn’t working. I had no idea how to fix that.

[code lang=”bash”]kahwee:~ kahwee$ sudo port help
dlopen(/opt/local/share/macports/Tcl/pextlib1.0/Pextlib.dylib, 10): no suitable image found. Did find:
/opt/local/share/macports/Tcl/pextlib1.0/Pextlib.dylib: no matching architecture in universal wrapper
while executing
“load /opt/local/share/macports/Tcl/pextlib1.0/Pextlib.dylib”
(“package ifneeded Pextlib 1.0” script)
invoked from within
“package require Pextlib 1.0”
(file “/opt/local/bin/port” line 40)[/code]

Above is some gibberish error. Hoping to fix it soon. Good thing is that my LAMP installed from MacPorts in Leopard is working still although the paths are a little messed up.