Stephen Colbert interviews Movits and also mentioned Reddit

Stephen Colbert interviews Movits and also mentioned Reddit!


Because the guys from Movits! are from Sweden, they’re forced to have the same hair length and glasses. (03:37)

It’s so rare the media mentions Reddit. Colbert calls it a site aggregator, well, at least he knows about it.

The song Fel Del AvGården is featured:

How to check Ubuntu version number

This is a personal note. This lets you check Ubuntu’s version number. Run the command ‘cat /etc/lsb-release’.

[code lang=”bash”]tkw@deathnode:~$ cat /etc/lsb-release

My blog has pretty much become a scrap book.

To find Red Hat or CentOS linux version number use:

[code lang=”bash”]tkw@redhat:~$ cat /etc/redhat-release
CentOS release 4.8 (Final)[/code]

jer added that this is a better alternative:

[code lang=”bash”]lsb_release -a[/code]


American healthcare industry attempts to discredit movie Sicko

Bill Moyers interviews former health insurance industry executive Wendell Potter, who left the field after almost 20 years to become a health reform advocate. Check out Potters take on the campaign against Michael Moore’s film Sicko and tune in to Bill Moyers Journal, Friday, July 10, 2009 at 9PM on PBS for his experiences inside the health insurance industry, their work fighting a public option, and the insurance companies close ties to Washington.

BILL MOYERS JOURNAL | Preview: Wendell Potter pt 2 | PBS