Remember to clear your Apache logs

This is what happens if you don’t clear your Apache logs:

[code lang=”bash”]jr ~/ ls -al
total 205748
drwxr-s— 2 me www-data 4096 Aug 5 2008 .
drwxr-s— 8 me www-data 4096 Sep 9 14:58 ..
-rw-r–r– 1 root www-data 210250161 Feb 21 17:08 access.log
-rw-r–r– 1 root www-data 205822 Feb 21 15:49 error.log[/code]

That’s 210 MB of data I am least interested with. By the way I just realized delete the log actually lowers memory usage significantly.

Things got really bad with Media Temple

The slowness in speed is almost unbearable. I couldn’t access most of the time. I got so sick that I stopped blogging on my other blog. I finally decided I had enough. I sat in front of my computer for 2 hours painstakingly backing things up. There are just so many things to migrate over to the new host. But it just had to be done.

Yesterday my ad provider complained that I fail to put up the links to the advertisements. I checked and found out really it’s just not there. In fact my whole front page is not there. That’s just great, I wanted to troubleshoot it only to realized it’s just too slow to even SSH in to the server. I will stop paying Media Temple. I still have credits there but I’ll just let them have the money.

I migrated to Slicehost (visit with my referrer link). During May, I plan to up the Slicehost account to 512 MB RAM. I don’t think I’ll ever return to Media Temple. It’s got a nice homepage but it’s got just a nice homepage. I was using their Grid Service to host one blog.

Ringo doesn’t know what’s going on

Haha, this is funny. In this clip is see Lennon (The Beatles) singing happily, Paul McCartney trying to get some attention by moving left and right to get seen by the camera. John is appears to be absolutely unaware of the other’s awkward moments. And Ringo. Ringo has no idea why he’s there!

The Beatles — Help!

Lovely video.

How to run XAMPP’s PHP CLI and CakePHP console

XAMPP is one of the easiest options to develop using PHP or PHP CLI. I use CakePHP for development and one of the features of CakePHP is to back the MVC. In this guide, we’ll see how to get started. This tutorial doesn’t teach you how to use CakePHP’s bake feature. This guide is specifically written for Windows Vista or Windows 7.

0. Objective

To run XAMPP’s PHP CLI, you first have to set up the environment variables for PHP CLI. Also introduce how to get started on CakePHP’s console.

1. Setting up environment variables

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Prolog calls me a creep

Creep is someone unpleasantly strange or eccentric and Prolog is calling me that.

Prolog calling me a creep
Prolog calling me a creep

[code lang=”bash”]41 ?- q5([1, 2], 1, A).
ERROR: is/2: Arguments are not sufficiently instantiated
^ Exception: (8) 1 is _G372-1 ? No previous search
^ Exception: (8) 1 is _G372-1 ? No previous search
^ Exception: (8) 1 is _G372-1 ? Unknown option (h for help)
^ Exception: (8) 1 is _G372-1 ? Unknown option (h for help)
^ Exception: (8) 1 is _G372-1 ? creep[/code]

What is this “creep” business? In SWI Prolog, the implementation of Prolog which this dictionary uses for the syntax of its examples, when you press return at the end of a line of tracing, Prolog prints “creep” on the same line, and then prints the next line of trace output on the next line. Pressing return again produces “creep” again and another line of tracing, and so on. (Source)