Lunar new year plans

It’s lunar new year and a couple of my friends can’t be found. They’ve gone traveling to Bintan and Yunnan in China and God knows where. Went there for a vacation they say. They’ve been busy all year long and lunar new year become a good time to take a break. And well, you can’t take a break if your friends and relatives keep visiting you. So their brilliant plan – have a vacation at some other country enjoying some beach probably.

Tomorrow I’ll be traveling quite a bit (with a car). It would be fun I think. Nice to see everyone again.

Microsoft Paint screenshots in Windows 7

The new Microsoft Paint in Windows 7 is wonderful. Gone are pixelated art. Microsoft Paint upgrades are now looks pretty for simple image manipulation. Of course, if you’re asking for more, Microsoft Paint still lacks the features of GIMP and Photoshop but it’s got decent at least. As you can see it has adopted Microsoft Office’s ribbon interface.

Microsoft paint in Windows 7 overview
Microsoft paint in Windows 7 overview

I painted a tree as I would have during kindergarten. I love trees so long as they don’t come with chameleons.

Microsoft paint in Windows 7 lets you choose some brushes
Microsoft paint in Windows 7 lets you choose some brushes

The new brush feature is great. I choose water color. There’s others to play with.

And some shapes too.
And some shapes too.

Simple shapes kinda remind me of Microsoft Office, still cool of course.


You can also view grids and ruler in Microsoft Paint
You can also view grids and rular in Microsoft Paint

I never like rulers and grids. Found them too restrictive but it’s there so…

Here are the formats you can save as in Microsoft Paint
Here are the formats you can save as in Microsoft Paint

Microsoft Paint lets you save in common image formats. I should highlight that the default save is PNG.

All in all, Microsoft Paint in Windows 7 is definitely an improvement. In the previous versions of Windows (even in Vista), Windows Paint is rather limited. This makes any form of improvement a significant one. I wouldn’t say it’s genius but let’s just say you would see me paint with Microsoft Paint a lot more from now on. Love the look and feel.

Chinese joke on computer peripherals

I found this random bit in one of my text files in the computer:


荧幕说:我好惨啊… 每天给人看。
Mother Board说:不要以为我被很多东西插会很爽,它们插进来后就都不动了,那才是难受啊。

Yet another murder at Virginia Tech

It was the mass shooting incident in the past, this time round it’s stabbing.

Va. Tech stabbing suspect charged with murder

BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) – A graduate student from China has been charged with murder in the fatal stabbing of a female student on Virginia Tech’s campus, the first killing there since a deadly mass shooting in 2007.

The woman, who was also a graduate student but was not identified, was stabbed to death at a cafe in the Graduate Life Center. Police believe she knew the man accused of attacking her, 25-year-old Haiyang Zhu, the school said in a news release. He was charged with first-degree murder and was being held without bond.

It was unclear early Thursday morning where he was being held or whether he had an attorney.

Campus police were called to the scene around 7:06 p.m., and Zhu was taken into custody minutes later, the school said. Responding officers found him and a knife they believe was used at the scene. (Source: Associated Press)

I’ve begin to wonder if university is too stressful or something.

Windows Media Player 12 beta screenshots in Windows 7

I just want to say that using Windows Media Player 12 in Windows 7 is a terrific experience. Firstly the music files actually open immediately. This is far from the Windows Vista experience where it takes roughly 300 ms to open an MP3 file. You may think dude it’s just 300 ms but these things matters. The library is also more responsive.

I never understood what the cute colors meant:

Windows Media Player library

(Windows Media Player library.)

I noticed the album finder got better too:

Finding album information in Windows Media Player

(Finding album information in Windows Media Player.) Continue reading “Windows Media Player 12 beta screenshots in Windows 7”

8 year old passes Microsoft Cert, wants create “new operational system”

Wow, just wow. He wants to create a new operational system. Okay I don’t mean to laugh at his little mistake. He is the youngest certified computer system administrator. This is just ridiculous. It also goes to show how useless these certifications actually are.

And when congratulated by Microsoft, the 8 year old Casalan’s reaction was gold “The Microsoft officials gave me computer games and DVDs with cartoons when I passed the exams because I am a child. That was nice, but I’m not really interested in those things.” I somehow think the Microsoft officials did what’s most appropriate.

Marko Casalan, 8, is officially world’s youngest IT whizz

At the age of 8, Marko has become the world’s youngest certified computer system administrator and was deemed the Mozart of Computers by the press after passing exams for IT professionals with the computer giant Microsoft.

“The Microsoft officials gave me computer games and DVDs with cartoons when I passed the exams because I am a child. That was nice, but I’m not really interested in those things,” young Marko told The Times.

“I’d like to be a computer scientist when I grow up and create a new operational system.”

His parents, who are IT experts and run a computer school for children, are considering sending Marko abroad to a specialised institute of learning for gifted children, as none exists in Macedonia.

“Marko displayed exceptional learning abilities at a very early age. He was able to replicate a computer operation after only reading about it on the internet. Now we ask him for help when we have some IT related problem at work,” Marko’s mother, Radica Calasan, 38, told The Times. (Source: TimesOnline)

I generally don’t agree with putting kids through these gifted programs. They’re hardly that beneficial. I feel a kid who enjoys his or her childhood with other friends of similar age gain a hundred times more experience than a kid with an Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA). Well, just saying.