Wikipedia chooses Ubuntu

Wikipedia which ran a mixed of Red Hat and Fedora Linux servers are chosen Ubuntu Linux.

Wikipedia adopts Ubuntu for its server infrastructure

The Wikimedia Foundation, the organization behind the user-driven Wikipedia project, is in the process of migrating its servers to the Ubuntu Linux distribution. Wikimedia’s move to Ubuntu is part of an effort to simplify administration of the organization’s 400 servers, which previously ran a mix of various versions of Red Hat and Fedora.

Wikimedia’s entire collection of web sites—which includes Wikipedia, Wikisource, Wikiquote, Wikinews, and several others—serves up roughly 10 billion page views per month. At its peak, traffic can sometimes reach 50,000 HTTP requests per second. The organization’s hardware budget to date is roughly $1.5 million, and it spends $35,000 per month on bandwidth and physical hosting. All of its technical infrastructure is managed by a small IT staff consisting of only four paid employees and three volunteers. (Source: Arstechnica)


This is good new for Ubuntu which has in the past experience slow adoption rates with their server flavors. I am glad to add that this blog is powered by Ubuntu Hardy.

5 thoughts on “Wikipedia chooses Ubuntu”

  1. Ubuntu is a great choice. Firstly, you have a millionaire throwing money at the project, and now same said millionaire is hiring programmers to work on contributions full-time.

    I believe that with such strong support, Ubuntu has a big fighting chance of becoming the first Linux distribution to make it on conventional users’ desktop. It’s both capable as a server, and soon will be just as useful as a workstation. It’ll be a great competitor OS in an age where the Open Source community is in a bit of a mess

  2. It’s Ubuntu, but Gutsy. I’m a bit hesitant to upgrade to Hardy, because I’m using my slice as a production server. I’ll try to put it off as long as possible, but eventually I’ll have to upgrade too. Have you tried Ubuntu on your desktop?

  3. I do have Ubuntu Hardy installed. It’s a dual boot set up. I couldn’t get used to Ubuntu and spend a fairly large amount of time in Windows Vista where I am more comfortable with. I only log in to Ubuntu when I just want to research things in the internet for an hour or two and go to bed.

    I’m hoping to slowly get comfortable with the linux environment but it’s really hard for me, hahaa…

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