Why piracy is not theft

Handy guide as to why piracy is not theft. Piracy is just piracy.

Piracy is not theft handy guide

Funny. (Source: TinyPic)

If you steal a lot of music online and get caught and you compensate in crazy amounts. However had you stolen instead from a music store and get caught…

Well, just saying.

2 thoughts on “Why piracy is not theft”

  1. I just think that it’s interesting that they’re going after the people instead of the equipment that come with Disc rippers and burners..

    but i guess you can’t go after knive companies if you get stabbed by someone who did it on purpose..

  2. Piracy just makes a copy, and therefore is not theft?

    I am a strong supporter of piracy. I have downloaded the shit out of a lot of movies, music, games, and more. However, I don’t try to claim that it’s not theft. I do a number of illegal things, and I will deny some of them, but not this.

    Piracy is theft if you compare it to actually buying the music. When you buy music, you are giving the artist a small amount of profit. When you download it illegally, you are keeping that profit for yourself. So, either you get music and they get money, or you get music and they get nothing. Think of the price of the music before the money even comes to you (from your paycheck or your scorned spouse’s alimony payment or your special day when you found twenty bucks on the sidewalk): it’s just a pool of money floating somewhere in the economy. You are not literally taking the money from their possession, but that pool should end up in their possession in return for the music, but it doesn’t.

    If someone were to sneak into the Pentagon and start making copies of documents, would they not be stealing sensitive information?

    Keep pirating, I’m all for it, but don’t try to defend it in such a moronic manner.

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