Why doesn’t Vista let me rearrange my taskbar

One of the features I like from – ahem – Ubuntu, is that it lets me shift the tabs of the task bar around. I just like to put my work on the left side and my nonsense on the right.

Windows Vista places it based on chronological order, left to right. And upon the restart of explorer.exe due to reasons I never fully understood, it auto arranges in an order not sensible to me at all.


Why why why!

1 thought on “Why doesn’t Vista let me rearrange my taskbar”

  1. You, my dear sir, need Taskix (http://taskix.robustit.com/). 😉

    Alternatively, there is Taskbar Shuffle (http://www.freewebs.com/nerdcave/taskbarshuffle.htm), but Taskix has the smaller memory footprint, at least on my box.

    Both tools also allow closing applications by middle-clicking the task bar button, which I find pretty convenient.

    Oh, and if you have button grouping enabled, the standard behavior is to move whole groups around. You can change that in the preferences.


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