This blog finally made money

Thirty cents. Better than nothing. I’m literally using the money earned by another blog to pay for the existence of this blog. It’s sad that I spend more effort in this blog but I don’t get the visitors.

Some notes on ad revenue

Thoughtful posts don’t gain you visitors.

To get visitors, you need, I repeat, you need to blog silly things.

No one wants to know your opinion unless you’re a celebrity and have some say in things.

If part of your reason of blogging is to earn some pennies, never start a personal blog.

Start a link blog or something. Put up music for people to download (and violate from ahem ahem stuff), put lots of pictures that are either funny or cute. (Cute pictures like dogs, cats and rabbits are a winner.)

Don’t bother posting those male-female analysis, boy-girl relationship that could have been passed off as dissertation from some academic institution.

Blog with what’s trendy. Bill Gates retire? Blog about it, link it to another blog. iPhone released? Post pictures, and write a bunch of useless iPhone specifications.


Just don’t model your income generator after this blog.

At the end of 4 months, you will just earn thirty cents. That’s just my two cents. Okay, now I’m left with 28 cents, great.

12 thoughts on “This blog finally made money”

  1. I have to disagree. I am writing a personal blog and some geeky aka boring stuff, but I earn quite a bit. After 8 months since signing up, I am earning a good $19.84 a month and still increasing. So don’t give up. While it is true that stupid, lame and attention seeking posts gets you visitors, stick to your principles. As for me, I blog about everything I like.

  2. Hey Darran, thanks for sharing your revenue. Hope this blog can earn around 10 bucks per month to at least pay off a small portion of my hosting. It’s really hard, I’m watching pennies roll in. I do blog a mix of the things I like in this blog. I don’t think this blog has an attention seeking posts. Hmmm, maybe just this one.

  3. Zhane: I notice you blog about more serious stuff too. Hope more money comes in soon. 🙂

    Looking at the ads on the left telling me how I can earn more money certainly is not helping.

  4. Perhaps you could try placing the ads at better positions? Cause the google ads at the side are really not noticeable. Try placing in between posts and pages or such?

  5. Blogs can make money …

    I started with $0 (dec 06) and now more $2K p/month

    My secret = Consistency + Patience x (Niche Multiple Blogs)

    Good Luck!

    cheers 🙂

  6. @Swift: I do insert ads in certain pages, but I am hoping to keep those more personal posts, ad-free.

    @uncle sha: Wow! 2K? That’s a lot of revenue. Thanks for sharing.

    @Zhane: Place it in the center?

  7. I’m just as same as you. Do spread your eggs in other baskets too, every cents will be consolidated making dollars. Let’s work hard earning some money!!

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