I just signed an investment policy

This morning, I met up with a friend to sign some sort of a lump sum investment policy where I placed this sum of money and praying hard for returns of maybe about 4 to 12%. Even if I don’t earn, it’s fine, so long as the ask-bid price is nicely covered up. The worst thing that code happen is lost of money.

I came back home and saw Tian Hong mentioning of some sort of an investment fraud with a certain investment company. (You could head over to his blog to learn more.) I got a little uncomfortable and wondered if I made the right choice.

I think lump sum short term investments are good generally. There’s a certain amount of risk of course. I signed up with a friend too. She’s working for an insurance company that’s quite reputable. I just hope that everything goes right.

Don’t intend to invest for long, probably about 3 years only.

1 thought on “I just signed an investment policy”

  1. Thanks for including me in your blog. I recommend you to bring your paper to get opinions from friend about it. They will give you a better idea. I’ve made the mistake by trusting her too much.

    When it comes to money, even if it’s from relatives, don’t give face. Ask lots of question, do lots of homework.

    First thing first, company is well established? Is the investment policy backed by something if it’s from some ulu company. And it can go on and on.

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