Anyone still using dial-up internet?

Wow dial up is still around:

Access Plan Free Hours
Monthly Subscription
Monthly Subscription
I 13 $10.17 $8.03
II 35 $26.70 $21.35
III 90 $64.15 $51.31
IV 135 $90.90 $72.23
Unlimited Unlimited $107.00

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AIA parent, AIG, is struggling

I wonder if this would set a chain reaction affecting finance related organizations in the US. If AIG really goes bankrupt, it would be the largest corporate bankruptcy in terms of assets. AIG has US$1 trillion worth of assets.

AIG struggles to survive financial tsunami

Insurer American International Group Inc struggled for survival a day after a financial tsunami swept away investment bank Lehman Brothers and forced the sale of rival Merrill Lynch in the biggest financial industry shake-up since the Great Depression.

The U.S. Federal Reserve has hired investment bank Morgan Stanley to review options for AIG — which has lost some 92 percent of its value so far this year — a person familiar with the situation said Monday.

Darkening one of the few bright spots from the weekend’s mayhem, Bank of America — which would surpass Citigroup Inc as the country’s largest bank by assets with the planned takeover of Merrill — saw its shares plunge. (Source: Reuters)

I have AIA policies. Regarding insurance policies, there likely be a takeover and the policy remains the same. If bankruptcy occurs for AIG, branches such as AIA (American International Assurance) probably be affected by value, but it doesn’t mean AIA would go bankrupt too.

I’ve been following the US finance thing a little, things don’t seem optimistic.

Merrill Lynch to sell itself

In a rushed bid to ride out the storm sweeping American finance, 94-year-old Merrill Lynch & Co. agreed late Sunday to sell itself to Bank of America Corp. for roughly $44 billion. (Source: WSJ)

Okay, erm… So now Bank of America is going to be really huge. And they can’t fail, can they?

Next release on HTML specification aims year 2022

TechRepublic asks Ian Hickson, “It’s been nearly 10 years since HTML 4 was published as a spec, about the same amount of time that it took to get to HTML 4. How do you think that this timeline affects HTML 5?”

HTML 5 Editor Hickson outlines:

  • First W3C Working Draft in October 2007.
  • Last Call Working Draft in October 2009.
  • Call for contributions for the test suite in 2011.
  • Candidate Recommendation in 2012.
  • First draft of test suite in 2012.
  • Second draft of test suite in 2015.
  • Final version of test suite in 2019.
  • Reissued Last Call Working Draft in 2020.
  • Proposed Recommendation in 2022.

Hickson explains, “This may look ridiculous (2003 to 2022 is 19 years!), but it’s worth considering how this compares to HTML4, DOM2 HTML, and XHTML1, the three specifications that HTML5 is intended to update and replace.” (Source: TechRepublic)

Read more at the article “HTML 5 Editor Ian Hickson discusses features, pain points, adoption rate, and more”.

Wow that sure take long. But that’s okay, if it takes too long, browsers would begin their premature implementations anyway.

Super Mario Bowser

By the way I just realized I have a tag erroneously named ‘bowser’. Above is Bowser.

I love the new Facebook design

My friends have been MSN-ing me saying how the new Facebook design sucks. I just want to say that it rocks and I love the white spaces a lot a lot a lot.

We are just beginning the process of moving people over to the new Facebook and saying goodbye to the old Facebook. The new Facebook has been available for a few months for general use, and we’ve been iterating on it for a long time. We set out to make Facebook simpler, cleaner, more relevant, and easier to control. With your feedback and participation—over 30 million people are now using the new site—we believe we’ve gotten to the best Facebook yet. (Source: Facebook blog)

Looks like the migration has begun. The new design needs some getting used to but at least I can now browse friends whose pages has hundreds of application without hanging my poor browser.