Unboxing Microsoft Surface

This is quite interesting, Amnesia Group did an unboxing of Microsoft iTable Surface. As we all don’t already know, Amnesia Group is a subsidiary of Avenue A Razorfish, which in turn is a subsidiary of aQuantive, which was acquired by Microsoft about a year ago.

Microsoft Surface unboxed

The multi-touch enabled table comes with niceties like demos, instruction manuals and a giant zip lock bag you probably can put your friend into.

Read more at Amnesia Group. [via Long Zheng]

What KahWee tweeted on 2008-08-19

  • Singapore iPhone price plan has not unlimited. Cheapest plan is iFlexi Value @ 56SGD /w 300MB Data, 200min outgoing and 500 SMS 🙁 #
  • And for that plan, SingTel retails iPhone at 348SGD and 508SGD for 8GB and 16GB respectively. iPhone dream smashed. #
  • @techcrunch Singapore iPhone plan – http://tinyurl.com/5u74pf #
  • @ntt We need to go on iPhone strike, lol #

Singapore lost but can still sing Chinese anthem

Singapore lost, it was a good match considering that it sort of lasted quite long. Comparatively to Hong Kong’s match, it is already very good. Singapore’s table tennis team got a silver this time. This is also the first medal awarded to Singapore since our independence.

It’s a good year after all. This could well increase Olympics awareness in Singapore. It’s a little unfortunate that the table tennis team did not comprise of – ahem – too many Singapore natives. At least I can see Li Jiawei singing the Chinese national anthem too.

I guess that ends our Beijing Olympics quest for medals. I look forward to four years later.

[Note: If I could, I would have bury this post as inaccurate. It spreads around some friends and a couple of us picked it up and thought it was true.]

Dinner at Rail Mall

It’s a tiring day. I slept really late (or early) this morning and I could barely think right before I speak. I’m always having this half a second lag when I talk.

Went to Ramen Ramen at Rail Mall

My dinner companion seemed pretty upset. I had my dinner at Ramen Ramen and I order a dish called Ramen Ramen Ramen. It is ramen. I was speaking rather slowly and seemed uninterested. And my friend remarked I always seemed sleepy during meetings…

On my way back, there was this store selling apple strudel at Rail Mall so I bought to try:

Apple Strudel at Rail Mall

This is the first time I tried apple strudel. The previous time I try food (remotely) similar was yesterday where I had McDonald’s apple pie. I watched people buy them all the time, finally I tasted it. It was enjoyable.