Django 1.0 alpha released

Okay, Django 1.0 alpha has been released finally. I don’t have the time to test this out but I played around with some pre 1.0 alpha builds a couple of weeks back and that time the software was quite stable already.

Django 1.0 alpha released!

In accordance with the Django 1.0 release roadmap, tonight we’ve released the first “alpha” testing version of Django 1.0. This release includes all of the major features due for inclusion in the final Django 1.0, though some lower-priority items are still scheduled to be included before the 1.0 feature freeze, which will occur with the first beta release next month.

The next step on that path will be the first Django 1.0 beta release, currently scheduled for August 5. If you’d like to help out, please review our documentation for contributors and feel free to join in one of the development sprints scheduled for the run up to 1.0; the full schedule is available in the Django 1.0 release roadmap.

Now when would CakePHP 1.2 be released?

$100 billion Zimbabwe notes gets you 4 oranges

Wish to have a $100 billion? Now you can – in Zimbabwe notes. Gets you 4 delicious oranges.

Zimbabwe introduces $100 billion banknotes

HARARE, Zimbabwe (CNN) — Zimbabwe’s troubled central bank introduced new $100 billion banknotes Saturday in a desperate bid to ease the recurrent cash shortages plaguing the inflation-ravaged economy.

The new bills officially come into circulation Monday, although they were already on the foreign currency dealers market Saturday.

As high as they are, though, the new bills still aren’t enough to buy a loaf of bread. They can only buy four oranges.

The new note is equal to just one U.S. dollar. (Source: CNN)

Afraid of alien abduction? Buy insurance

Insurance agents can sell you anything. You could insure virtually everything I guess. I heard pianist Clayderman, who’s really popular among women, insured his fingers or something. Well, if you’re afraid of alien abducting you, you probably can consider an alien abduction insurance.

Alien abduction insurance

The insurance policy is redeemed if the insured person is abducted by aliens. British Insurance manager Simon Burgess, known for being involved in the bizarre end of insurance, said “Of course, the burden of proof lies with the claimant. Let’s face it – insurance is so tedious that if I can enlighten my dreary life with a bit of humour every now and again, I will.” A policy normally costs around $150 per $1.5 million in coverage as of 1998. Policy offerings vary from $10,000 to $10 million. Some companies offer policies for alien pregnancy, alien examinations and death caused by aliens. Continue reading “Afraid of alien abduction? Buy insurance”

Nigeria football conmen frauds fellow Nigerians

An undercover BBC investigation has exposed how young African footballers are being conned out of thousands of dollars. Gavin Lee explains how Isaiah Akpan fell victim to a Nigerian scam.

‘I was victim of Nigeria football conmen’

“The memory of that incident always kind of shocks me,” says Isaiah Akpan.

Mr Akpan, like thousands of soccer-mad African teenagers, puts his details on sports networking websites.

He shakes his head as he recalls the gamble he took in the hope of achieving his dream of football stardom in the richest league in the world, the English Premiership.

Instead of taking the first step to sporting fame and fortune, he fell victim to conmen who left him penniless – stranded and alone in a foreign country.

“They promised a club but did not mention the specific name of the club,” he recalls.

“They said that I would have to go for a trial in Singapore in Asia. Then after two three months they would transfer me to UK.”

Mr Akpan was told that as a formality, he would first have to pay a $500 (£250) registration fee.

But, after Mr Akpan handed over the money, the men disappeared.

He was left stranded and alone in a foreign country with no money to get home.

I haven’t heard good things from Nigeria, only frauds basically like the rather famous Nigerian Letter 419 fraud.

WordPress uploads files in the wrong folders?

I prefer to place my uploads into /media/ instead of the default /wp-content/uploads/

So I changed it, but the link is always incorrect for some strange reason:

WordPress uploads files to wrong folders
WordPress uploads files to wrong folders

WordPress uploads file to /media/ but continues to link my images to /wp-content/uploads/. To resolve this issue, specify the folder path manually like I did. Somehow the problem is gone. I wonder if it’s a bug or what.

Before the WordPress 2.6 upgrade, WordPress 2.5 was handling this just fine. Meanwhile, you can learn more about a WordPress 2.6 easter egg.