So what’s this Social Media?

A simple story that illustrates the forces shaping social media. CommonCraft tells you what it is.

Social Media in Plain English

I like CommonCraft’s presentation method. You can’t say it’s another tech video. It’s well done. (via Unique Frequency)

“Social”, today, is one of the most overuses Web 2.0 words. The investors must have totally dig this word or something. The bigger blogs mention that all the time: social bookmarking, social news, social media and social networking. In Singapore there’s social escort too, alright that’s slightly different.

My computer goes cranky randomly

My computer’s a little cranky these days. I can’t pin point to any device that might have been the cause of such faults. I turn on my computer and had this waiting waiting circular mouse cursor telling me to wait. I can’t do a thing even the legendary control-alternate-delete didn’t work.

It went okay after that with everything coming up at the same time. Just two minutes ago, I clicked on Eclipse PHP and it just launch. I thought these things supposed to be instantaneous. Okay, at least near.

But the worst thing is perhaps with random Windows Explorer crashes and Safari crashes. I understand why Safari crashes, the animals probably ran wild but why Explorer. I am beginning to suspect TortoiseSVN or some shell integration software.

I’m thinking of reinstalling my computer now. And I just reinstall it 3 weeks ago. Yes I’m using Windows Vista. Yes I know I know. Get a Mac right? Yeah yeah…

Poker, Beer and Wii night at Uzyn’s

Yesterday, at around this time – 3 AM – I was at Uzyn’s place with Sek Ling, Uzyn, Daphane, Ridzuan, Hendri, U Fong, Arzhou, Chinmay and… Can’t recall the other two names.

It was a poker plus beer plus Wii night. Wii had fun. Telok Blangah Heights is quite hard to find. Ridz and I jaywalk almost everywhere. I figured you can’t really go anywhere without jaywalking and the authorities kindly cemented parts of the ground to let jaywalkers have an easier time anyway.

I had Bavaria. I know nothing about beer except it makes my face red.

bavaria beer

And Arzhou’s Arweiser is there too.


I watched them play poker. Roughly get the game but didn’t play it. I am not confident with playing cards. Spend most of my time watching the psychology part of the game which is just as interesting.

Wii are an interesting machine, takes a little while to get the hang of it. I hold the Wii controller like its a TV remote and wave it like Harry Potter. Also spent 20 minutes trying to figure out the Japanese words on the Wii when attempting to load a game. After 20 minutes, Hendri and I confirmed that we’re doing it totally wrong and we spend the past 20 minutes creating a new Wii profile.

Sweating fatty frog emoticon

On a side note, Wii Sports seems a bit more fun. There’s birthday cake too. It’s Uzyn and Ridz birthday on May 30. They’re (business) partners.

The whole event ended at around 4 plus. I got home at 5. My sleep cycle is so screwed now.

McDonald’s Feast of Fury didn’t come with panda meat

Got cheated by McDonald’s again. I have the tendency of wanting to try something new. And each time McDonald’s roll out something different and brand it with the word new I’ll just walk in knowingly and stupidly and order whatever that’s on their promotion poster.

Kung Fu Panda Feast of Fury. No idea how pandas and spicy food are related but it didn’t matter I guess. I, the silly consumer, just bought a meal. Thought feast of fury would have some panda meat or something. They serve chicken. Cold.

Here’s how it look like. For a great price of 7 bucks, you get 6 spicy nuggets and possibly 8 onion rings. You will trade your fries for the 8 onion rings for trying’s sake.

Miserable quantity. The food is pretty good though. I enjoyed it for less than 10 minutes. Finish the food within ten.