Want to install god?

I love it when a software has a good and catchy name but I love it more when a software has a name that looks funny in the a Linux install command:

[code]$ sudo gem install god[/code]

A Better Way to Monitor

God is an easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby.

Keeping your server processes and tasks running should be a simple part of your deployment process. God aims to be the simplest, most powerful monitoring application available.

God is useful, learn more about god.

English is evolving, nothing wrong with Singlish

Wired wrote something that got me tinking a bit. I’ll quote in excerpts, the full article is here. I’m more interested in the Singlish portions.

How English Is Evolving Into a Language We May Not Even Understand

An estimated 300 million Chinese — roughly equivalent to the total US population — read and write English but don’t get enough quality spoken practice. The likely consequence of all this? In the future, more and more spoken English will sound increasingly like Chinese.

It’s the 1.3 billion people can’t be wrong thing. If more Chinese speak in their Chinglish, they would be the majority. We can’t say the majority of English language speakers are speaking it wrongly, can we?

In Singaporean English (known as Singlish), think is pronounced “tink,” and theories is “tee-oh-rees.”

Dude, it’s Singapore English, not Singaporean English. I never heard of tee-oh-rees in Singapore anyway. Do we say that? I don’t tink so!

One noted feature of Singlish is the use of words like ah, lah, or wah at the end of a sentence to indicate a question or get a listener to agree with you. They’re each pronounced with tone – the linguistic feature that gives spoken Mandarin its musical quality – adding a specific pitch to words to alter their meaning. (If you say “xin” with an even tone, it means “heart”; with a descending tone it means “honest.”) According to linguists, such words may introduce tone into other Asian-English hybrids.

I haven’t thought of the ah, lah, loh stuff this way leh. To me, it was added to sound more casual and to fit in. If everyone doesn’t add this, no one would use it. It’s just to fit in. But our government launched a campaign to go against it – clearly not fitting in well enough.

And it’s possible Chinglish will be more efficient than our version, doing away with word endings and the articles a, an, and the. After all, if you can figure out “Environmental sanitation needs your conserve,” maybe conservation isn’t so necessary.

I tink we’re in some sort of transition. If the Chinese can end up standardizing English by bastardizing the current standard of English, so be it. We would see a bunch of English purist crying but hey, we switched old English to middle English to our modern English. Yeah, it took ages but today we are experiencing an acceleration on technology advancements, globalization etc.. Maybe we forgotten that language developments can accelerate too.

Welcome to post-modern Asianglish.

Holy! The Microsoft Church Package

Korean retailer, GODpeople Mall, introduces the Microsoft Church Package. Pastors and reverends can now get excited for a lower fee:

Introduce the Microsoft Church Package

Microsoft is probably not involved in this. The Microsoft Church Package consists of the Microsoft Office Standard, Office OneNote, Office Visio, Office Publisher and Expression Web for 199,000 won, which is roughly USD$190. The Microsoft Office Standard retails at 99,000 won (around USD$95).

(via Long Zheng)

Finally did some permenant redirection work

This is long overdue work, just one line, okay two lines of code, but it took me two months to get this done. I always wanted to redirect justrealized.com to i.justrealized.com because some people prefer to type ‘justrealized’ and hit CTRL+Enter on their browsers.

Anyway, this is more of a personal note. To do a permanent redirect using htaccess, you create a file called ‘.htaccess’ with the dot in front and upload it to your Apache web server. Make sure you have the modrewrite enabled. Put the following lines into your .htaccess file and change i.justrealized.com to your new domain.

[code lang=”apache”]RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule (.*) http://i.justrealized.com/$1 [R=301,L][/code]

301 means permanent redirect. There are lots of ways to do permanent redirects but .htaccess is the most straight forward method if you have the mod_rewrite working for you.


This redirects all your old URLs to your new domain.

I feel like smacking the person who…

“u there?”

“u there?”

I have been you-there-ed 4 times in a roll when in busy mode. Don’t do an MSN nudge, don’t you-there too.

MSN or WLM is Instant Messaging (IM), not Instant Replying.

(IR is integrated resort, that’s what Singapore calls their land of casino. It’s pleases the citizens. It isn’t just a casino, it’s an integrated resort and casino just so happens to be complimentary to the integrated resort. Oh come on, all those cruise ships and just casinos on water and we all know it.)

CNET redesigns, throws yellow away

Hooray, CNET announces a redesign and gives a preview. A screenshot depicts a million characters:

CNET redesigns and throws yellow away

Begone yellow. Or gold, whatever you call that color. To me, that color, that yellowy CNET color looks old and tiring. It did not portray well what CNET has to show – new technologies. The new colors are much better, softer and more professional. Continue reading “CNET redesigns, throws yellow away”

How engineers can meet women

Saw this at DailyWTF. Now the engineers can meet the ladies easier. It’s a back door:

Server room through the ladies toilet


And here’s the letter:

The perfect opportunity for nerds to meet women

From: —- ——–
Sent: Monday, May 5, 2008 4:37 PM
To: Everyone
Subject: Server Room Access

Hi all.

As you all are aware, we have new tenants that have moved into the 2nd floor suites. The access to the server room is now via the women’s bathroom.

There will be a sign on the woman’s door that can be changed from OPEN to CLOSED and vice versa.

Should you need to enter the server room, please change the sign to CLOSED. Once you are done, please change it back to OPEN.

Once you enter the bathroom, you will be able to access the server room via the handicapped stall. Please close the stall door prior to entry, just in case someone doesn’t see that the bathroom is closed.

I know this isn’t ideal, but if we adhere to this protocol, I don’t think anyone will be disrupted.

Thanks! Let me know if you have any questions.

Building Management

(Source: DailyWTF)