Reddit updates, new interface rocks

I love Reddit, they just updated their website to let you easily customize what you want to view on the front page.

New reddit interface rocks

I used Reddit quite often these days. It’s got a better community than I feel. And Reddit is a lot faster too, whether in loading speeds or news. I just realized Reddit has a user page too, my user page is here although it is completely blank.

Congrats for the update. It’s wonderful.

Feeling kinda down

I just woke up feeling down. I had this dream that may just come true judging from the state of things.

I haven’t explored that thought before but was forced to addressing it. What a way to be awoken.

I am tired. I wish there could be a restart button like in games where you can just restart a mission. I will do things much differently if I had the opportunity to go back in time. But time waits not for me. I just sat on the bed for an hour thinking through, wasting time. There are no good answers.

I may have to sort out my current pursues, my personality, my priorities and…

I will have to change.

[If anyone seen this post, pretend you didn’t. Don’t question.]

My LinkedIn account

Just tried LinkedIn. As usual, I’m late. LinkedIn is there for quite a long time but as I hate filling in forms, I never really joined. LinkedIn attempts to get you to fill in many many blanks and you’ll never be able to complete them. And if you do, it’s time to get a life.

View Kah Wee Teng's LinkedIn profileView Kah Wee Teng’s profile

But one thing great about LinkedIn is how they can connect you professionally. Nicely done there. Interface-wise, LinkedIn is a little messy with links all around for you to link in I guess. A great website nevertheless.

Internet speed and my productivity

I’m really happy today and I keep posting new entries. And why is this so? Because my internet seemed a lot faster and Media Temple seem to be behaving pretty well. Is it the end of their storage and whatever problems?

We’ll see. But so far so good. I’m pleased. I mean, at least these stuff actually is loading.

On a side note, having internet has always decrease my productivity a little. So much things to read, so much things to catch up. Often, I hear people saying they aren’t productive and attribute it to the internet. I work and breathe the internet, and I thereby admit that I grew unproductive due to it. I guess that’s a reasonable tradeoff considering the wealth of information available in the internet.

Internet speed and my productivity

Even with search, newsreaders, social networks and blahblahs, I never really achieve much productivity boosts. These tools merely introduce new distractions, new things to try on. Things that require your time, your energy. Things that break time and again and have this huge beta label on it.

I live by them now.

Subway and their 6 grams of fat

Subway prides themselves with selling meals with 6 grams of fat or less. They put them everywhere, on their pamphlets, even on their cups.

Subway and their 6 grams of fat

But did you know that the 6 grams of fat or less thing assumes the following:

  • No cheese
  • No cookies
  • No funny sauces, use pepper instead
  • No fanciful bread, meaning the wheat bread I think

Well… By having those extras, it’s 6 grams no more. Thanks Doctor’s Associates. And yup, I had Subway for lunch.