You need to maintain your taskbar programs

I don’t see how people can get productive with this:

A really cluttered taskbar

Saw this in my lecturer’s computer. The quick launch area takes up half the space! I don’t even have the quick lunch area in my desktop, I hide it ’cause it’s pretty unnecessary for me. I didn’t take a picture of that lecturer’s desktop but let’s just say that the Desktop Cleanup Wizard apparently is not working.

What are the psychological “rules” of bartering?

Saw a rather interesting article. We see things priced at $19.95 pretty often and stall owners does it on purpose. I thought they did that just so they can say something it’s less than 20. But it’s just more than that.

Why Things Cost $19.95

The experiments used hypothetical scenarios, in which participants were required to make a variety of “educated guesses.” For example, they had subjects think about a scenario in which they were buying a high-definition plasma TV and asked them to guesstimate the wholesale cost. The participants were told the retail price, plus the fact that the retailer had a reputation for pricing TVs competitively.

There were three scenarios involving different retail prices: one group of buyers was given a price of $5,000, another was given a price of $4,988, and the third was told $5,012. When all the buyers were asked to estimate the wholesale price, those with the $5,000 price tag in their head guessed much lower than those contemplating the more precise retail prices. That is, they moved farther away from the mental anchor. What is more, those who started with the round number as their mental anchor were much more likely to guess a wholesale price that was also in round numbers.

And why would this happen? Continue reading “What are the psychological “rules” of bartering?”

How to prepend zeroes in front of numbers

Every time I need this, I start search all over the internet and I simply don’t remember what method to use in PHP. So I’ll post it here:

[code lang=”php”]$hour = sprintf(“%02s”, $key[‘time’][‘hour’]);
$minute = sprintf(“%02s”, $key[‘time’][‘min’]);[/code]

What this does is to change ‘0’ into ’00’ or ‘2’ into ’02’, but ’30’ will still remain as ’30’. It uses sprintf. I don’t know how you pronounce that it sounds like aspirin to me. The above places a zero in front of a single digit.


Just something not so related. You know the word ‘prepend’ is sort of invented by geeks? It first appear in LISP. In computing, append is typically assumed to be placing something at the end and prepend to be placing something in the beginning. But in English, the word ‘append’ doesn’t really suggest the position of where to add, it basically just means ‘to supplement’.

How to do a parseInt in…

Recently, due to my Java class, I’ve been typing parseInt() in my PHP code instead of intval().

Here is a compilation of all sorts of ways to parse string into integers:


[code lang=”php”]var $num = intval("0001");[/code]


[code lang=”javascript”]var num = parseInt("0001", 10);[/code]


[code lang=”java”]int num = Integer.parseInt("0001");[/code]

Apparently you need to type really long to parse stuff in Java.


[code lang=”python”]num = int("0001")[/code]


[code lang=”ruby”]num = "0001".to_i[/code]

Now that I suddenly remember them all, I decide to quickly write them all down. Because the next moment, I’ll forget them or mix them up again. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Queryset-refactor branch merged into Django trunk

Queryset-refactor branch was used to develop a major refactoring of the django.db.models.query.QuerySet class to fix a group of SQL problems and make SQL generation easier for database backends requiring customization. The branch was created on 13 September, 2007, and merged into trunk on 26 April, 2008 (in [7477]).

More information on the wiki.


I don’t have time to explore these things right now but I sure will when my examinations are over.

Nvidia now claims CPU is dead

Previous Nvidia CEO criticized Intel’s graphic offerings, calling them a joke. Now it’s Roy Taylor’s turn. Roy Taylor, as we all don’t know, is Nvidia’s vice president of content relations (What?).

From: Roy Taylor [] 
Sent: 10 April 2008 23:36
Subject: The best job in the world.

Guys I have the best job in the world. Official. I cant tell you how much fun we’re having here right now.

I don’t know how much this will mean to you all but for those that don’t know a war has just started that will likely be written about for years and which will affect everyone who owns a PC. Everyone.

Basically the CPU is dead. Yes, that processor you see advertised everywhere from Intel. Its run out of steam. The fact is that it no longer makes anything run faster. You don’t need a fast one anymore. This is why AMD is in trouble and its why Intel are panicking. They are panicking so much that they have started attacking us. This is because you do still [need] one chip to get faster and faster – the GPU. That GeForce chip. Yes honestly. No I am not making this up. You are my friends and so I am not selling you. This shit is just interesting as hell. Continue reading “Nvidia now claims CPU is dead”

There’s lots of construction going on

I’ve been rather busy these days so I had to tone down my blogging. I don’t really have much time to reflect on things too so less the amount of posts. And asides work there is school. I was talking to a classmate online this morning and she made me realized how closed to the exams it really is. I start getting a little stressed with school. Perhaps it’s time to put down some things to start some revision. Anyhow, I took this picture near my work place:

Lots of construction going on here

Construction’s going on near my work place. It’s kinda noisy. This reminds me of Ngee Ann Poly, I used to pass by that area quite often and always wonder how come they never stop constructing. Once they complete something, the engineer’s itchy hands simply have to embark on something new.

And this thing about construction creating jobs and therefore our country loves to construct more things – it’s real I believe.

Okie dokie, back to work.

Long time since I last eaten these

My mom and I were working around at WestMall when something caught our attention. Okay, actually it only caught my attention. Haven’t eaten these since a really long time. According to my mom, it’s called ‘kueh tu tu’ or something. It’s almost like alien food to me.

Kueh tu tu 1

Bought 5 as you can see. Costs 2SGD.

Kueh tu tu 2

It taste quite good, quite dry too actually. It’s one of those things that people eat in the 60s, I think.